Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

. Chinese wireless earbud brand Mpow has unveiled yet another budget version of its TWS earbuds called the Mpow MX3.

In this review, you can find out information about build quality, wearing comfort, touch control, signal quality, sound and even microphones. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase inexpensive wireless earbuds for yourself that will look like Apple AirPods, then the option from Mpow is a good choice.

In terms of cost, the current price tag for the Mpow MX3 device is only $19. That is, these are ultra budget TWS earbuds that will not waste your monthly budget.


If you look at the technical components, the new model of the MX3 earbuds received a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection with support for AAC and SBC audio codecs. In addition, this model of earbuds is semi in-ear earbuds, so there are no silicone ear tips here. But there is another very useful feature, and I will talk about it a little later.

I can also highlight that the Mpow MX3 earbuds received pretty good touch control, good battery life and, most importantly, almost complete protection against water under the IPX7 standard.

Thus, I propose to begin my detailed and in-depth test of the new earbud model from Mpow and find out its strengths and weaknesses.

Mpow MX3: Specifications

Mpow MX3:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:10 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Battery:? mAh
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

The packaging of the new Mpow MX3 TWS earbuds has been designed in a traditional style. This is a small red package, where on the front there is a drawing of the earbuds with the main features. But on the back of the package, there is a list of the main technical specs of the device.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

Yes, I probably forgot to mention at the beginning of the review that the charging case of the MX3 received not only a wired charging method via a Type-C connection, but also has a wireless QI charging method. Pretty good for a budget headphone with a $20 price tag, isn’t it?

Directly in the package itself, you can find the following components, such as a charging box with earbuds. The package also includes a short Type-C charging cable, a set of various documentation and special silicone capsules for the sound guide. Okay, with unpacking, I think everything is clear, now let’s talk in more detail about the quality of performance and ease of fit.

Design, build quality and materials

If you’ve been looking for a budget option for wireless earbuds as an alternative to Apple AirPods, then the Mpow MX3 might be a good choice.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

In addition to being vaguely similar to the most popular TWS earbuds, they were also well put together. That is, the MX3 was made of matte white plastic.

This is actually great news, as the material itself was very durable to the environment. In addition, there were no fingerprints and minor scratches on its body, as is usually the case with glossy budget plastic.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

If we talk about the ease of fit, then everything is also excellent here, given its low weight, which was about 4 grams. In my case, I could easily wear the MX3 earbuds for a long time and did not feel any fatigue.

I also liked the presence of soft silicone capsules for the sound guide. They are able to keep sound in the ear canal while making the sound quality more spacious and warm.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

Also, you can easily use this earbud model in terms of sports. Because they sat quite firmly in the ear canal and I did not have accidental fallouts even with a fast run.

It is also worth saying that the new earbud model from Mpow has received full protection from water under the IPX7 standard. This means that you can dive with earbuds to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But I would often not submerge the earbuds in water, as I think that sooner or later they will fail like this.

There is no logo or brand name on the outside of the earbud case, which is a good thing. There is also a touch control and an LED indicator. Meanwhile, on the inside, there is a two-pin connection for charging the device. But on the bottom of the leg, a hole for the microphone was installed.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the charging case itself. Just like the earbuds, it was made of matte white plastic. On its top cover, you can see the logo of the Mpow brand. The front of the box received four LED indicators that show the battery charge level.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

A Type-C charging connection was installed on the back of the charging box. As I mentioned earlier, the box also received a wireless charging method.

If we talk about the quality of performance, then the charging box was well assembled. For example, the flip cover opened without any problems and had two locking positions at 45 and 90 degrees. At the same time, I did not observe a strong backlash of the lid.

Connection, latency and touch control

Onboard the new Mpow MX3 earbud uses the Bluetooth 5.0 version of the wireless connection. Yes, maybe this is not the newest version of the connection, but I did not have any special problems with its performance on the test. That is, the signal quality was always stable and I did not find any interruptions.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

If we talk about the level of latency, then I did not have a game mode here, as on most TWS earbuds of this class. But I didn’t have any big problems while listening to videos on YouTube. But if you plan to play shooters, for example PUBG Mobile, then a slight delay will be present. Therefore, I will definitely not be able to call the MX3 wireless earbuds gaming.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

If we talk about touch control, then it’s not all that bad. Each command was pretty accurate and I didn’t have any random keystrokes.

  • Holding the touch panel on the right channel of the earbuds increases the volume level, and on the left – decreases it.
  • Double tap on any of the earbuds – plays or stops the music. You can also accept or reject phone calls using this command.
  • Triple tapping on the right earbud switches the track forward, and on the left – backward.
  • One touch and hold for a few seconds brings up the voice assistant function on your mobile device.

Sound and microphone quality

The new Mpow MX3 earbud model uses a not very large driver size with a size of 10 mm. But I didn’t have any particular problems with the sound quality when it comes to its headroom at maximum volume.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

In addition, remember I mentioned the presence of silicone capsules that are worn on the sound guide. So, they are able to make the sound more spacious and at the same time prevent it from leaving the ear canal.

Really low frequencies using silicone capsules gave the sound more bass and dynamics. Therefore, if you need really high-quality and good sound, then the use of silicone capsules will definitely not be superfluous.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

At the same time, if we talk about mid and high frequencies, then there was a fairly balanced sound. Yes, it is difficult to call the sound quality ideal, but using earbuds for everyday use will be just right. For example, this model is more suitable for listening to videos, audio books and podcasts.

Comparing the sound of the Mpow MX3, I can attribute similar sound quality in earbuds such as QCY T7 and T8. They have exactly the same price range and therefore, if you have ever owned these earbuds from the QCY brand, then the sound quality of the model from Mpow will be almost the same.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

Okay, now let’s find out how the built-in microphones in the Mpow MX3 earbud model do their job. Here, not everything is as bad as one might expect, since the microphones worked very well in a quiet place. Although I cannot say that it was also good in noisy places, because my interlocutors heard, in addition to my voice, the surrounding sounds, as well.

Battery and run time

I have not found the exact battery capacity, either in the Mpow MX3 earbuds or in the charging box. But my practice has shown pretty good battery life in real life. That is, even at 100% volume level, the earbuds were able to work for 5 hours.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

It should be noted that the manufacturer Mpow guaranteed work up to 5.5 hours. There is also a charging box with which it is possible to get a total battery life of up to 20 hours, which is also not so bad.

Another positive feature is the wireless charging method of the box. It’s really amazing to see ultra budget earbuds get wireless charging in the charging box. It took me about 1.5 hours to fully charge via the Type-C cable, and 2.5 hours via wireless charging.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

After thoroughly testing the new generation of Mpow MX3 wireless semi in-ear earbuds, I was left with a pretty good impression.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

First of all, these earbuds have a very good fit in my ear canal, so I could easily listen to music for hours without any fatigue.

In addition, I liked the performance and build quality of the MX3. Since it uses a matte white plastic that is durable to the environment.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

I can also highlight that the earbuds have received multifunctional touch control. That is, here you will find features such as volume control, track switching, and more.

Also, TWS earbuds stand out for having full protection against water under the IPX7 standard and there is a wireless charging case.

Mpow MX3 Review: Earbuds with Wireless Charging and IPX7 for $20

But there are also disadvantages and I can attribute to them – this is not the best latency in games and the sound quality does not stand out much compared to more expensive earbuds.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

You can currently get the ultra budget TWS Mpow MX3 semi in-ear earbuds at a very low price for only $19.55 with a 42% discount.

Thus, if you have been looking for good earbuds for everyday use with a comfortable fit for a long time, then perhaps a device from Mpow can be a good purchase.


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