MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

 MPOW has introduced another budget model of wireless earbuds called MPOW Mbits S.

They have one interesting feature, and I will talk about it a little later. But also in this review you can find out about the build quality of the device, sound and even the work of microphones. In addition, I will share with you the main disadvantages and advantages of the new earbud model.

As for the price, it’s not all that bad here. For example, currently the price tag for MPOW Mbits S earbuds is almost $20. That is, these are quite ultra budget earbuds, but with interesting features, and let’s talk about them in more detail.


First of all, the Mbits S earbud model has been completely protected from water under the IPX8 standard. But is this really so, I will tell you a little lower in my full review.

Bluetooth 5.0 is responsible for the wireless connection, and a 6 mm driver was installed inside the earbud case. There is also a multifunctional touch control and a pretty good battery life.

Therefore, I propose now to start disassembling and inspecting the earbuds from the MPOW company, and I planned to do this from unpacking.

MPOW Mbits S: Specifications

MPOW Mbits S:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:6 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:4h

Packaging and unboxing

The MPOW Mbits S earbuds are delivered in a fairly compact square package. On the front, you can find a drawing of the earbuds with the designation of their name and main features.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

I want to note that the box itself was made of thin budget material. Therefore, expecting any premium is not worth it with a $20 budget.

Inside the package, I was happily greeted directly by the earbuds themselves with a charging box. In addition, the package includes additional ear pads, a Type-C connector charging cable and instructions for use.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

Okay, I figured out the package, now let’s talk about the look and fit.

Design, build quality and materials

I want to pay special attention to the materials used in the new model of MPOW Mbits S earbuds. Since the device was made of matte black plastic. But there is only one color to choose from and for me this is a minor drawback, isn’t it?

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

I did not find any strong complaints about the build quality of the headphones. Since they were assembled almost from monolithic plastic and did not have extraneous squeaks and sounds during wearing.

The manufacturer MPOW guarantees the degree of protection against water under the IPX8 standard. This is a very serious water protection that will allow you to swim in the pool or shower with earbuds. Yes, you can swim in the pool with earbuds, but when I dived to a depth of 1.5 meters, the connection with the smartphone was lost. So does it make sense to swim with earbuds in the pool, I think not. But taking a shower is always welcome.

As for the convenience of landing, I did not find any special remarks during my testing. The weight of one earbud was only 4.8 grams and I could easily wear the device for 2 hours without any problems. Considering that the form factor of the Mbits S earbuds is ducted inside with a leg. Wearing it for more than two hours will cause ear fatigue and slight discomfort.

During sports, everything is also not so simple, if you plan to work out with earbuds in the gym, then I did not reveal any special problems. But I will not advise you to run with them in the stadium.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

Touch controls were located on the outside of the earbuds with an LED indicator for operation. Meanwhile, on the inside, there are two contacts for charging the earbuds. There is a microphone hole at the base of the leg.

If we talk about the charging box, then it was also made of matte black plastic and this can not please me. In general, I did not find any strong complaints about the build quality either. That is, the box lid opened quite smoothly and did not have a strong backlash.

On the front of the case, there are four indicators that will notify you about the battery charge level in 25% increments. On the opposite side, there is a Type-C charging port. The small size and weight of the charging case will allow you to transport your headphones even in a small jeans pocket.

Call quality, latency and touch controls

The MPOW Mbits S earbuds use a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. Considering its insignificant cost, the wireless version even 5.0 didn’t look so bad. During my test, I did not reveal any strong problems with the signal quality, the earbuds were always connected stably and did not have interruptions while listening.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

In terms of latency, everything is standard, like most budget wireless earbuds. Yes, inside the case of the Mbits S earbuds, you will not find the Game Mode feature. But in normal mode, the latency level in games was about 300 ms. If we talk about watching a video via Youtube, then I did not find much delay.

Ok, now is the time to talk about touch control and believe me there is a lot to talk about here.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

  • One touch – play, pause, accept or put a phone call.
  • Double tap – helps to switch tracks forward or backward, depending on the channel of the earbuds.
  • Triple tap – calls the voice assistant on your smartphone.
  • Holding 1.5 seconds on the sensor – increases or decreases the volume level, depending on the channel.

Sound and microphone quality

At the beginning of the review, I already mentioned that a small 6 mm dynamic driver was installed in each MPOW Mbits S earbud. It is able to give you good sound for ultra budget wireless earbuds.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

But again, it doesn’t make sense to expect a very high-quality sound here. Yes, the manufacturer may have focused on low frequencies. For example, in headphones, you can clearly hear notes of good and deep bass.

At the same time, the middle, and especially the high frequencies, do not have a high-quality sound. Therefore, while listening to various genres of music, I lacked the detail of musical instruments.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

If we talk about the quality of the microphone, then it is pretty good here. Yes, in a quiet place, I did not reveal any major problems at all. But in noisy places, the interlocutors, in addition to your voice, will hear the surrounding sounds as well.

Battery and run time

Now let’s tell you my opinion about battery life. The manufacturer assures that the MPOW Mbits S earbuds are capable of working 6 hours on a single battery charge.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

During my testing, the device lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes at 100% volume. Yes, you can probably get a slightly better battery life by turning the volume down to 70-80%. But I think that you cannot achieve the result in 6 hours. In this case, the total battery life using the charging box will be about 28 hours of battery life.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

I can also highlight that the Mbits S earbuds received a fast charging function. That is, in 15 minutes of charging, you can listen to your favorite music for 2 hours. It took me 50 minutes to fully charge the headphones. Meanwhile, the charging box itself was charged in 1.5 hours via the Type-C connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

After several days of active use of budget inexpensive MPOW Mbits S earbuds, I was left under pretty good emotions.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

Yes, perhaps this earbud model has not received a lot of modern features. But I can highlight some of the features that I definitely liked. For example, this is a multifunctional touch control with a volume control function.

I also liked the build quality and the materials used. In addition, the earbuds received full protection against water under the IPX8 standard. I can also highlight the high-quality work of the built-in microphone.

MPOW Mbits S Review: Ultra Budget IPX8 Earbuds for $20

Now let’s go through the main cons. First of all, the earbuds did not match the battery life, as the manufacturer assured. Also here you will not find features such as active noise cancellation, transparency mode and even an auto pause sensor.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, the price tag for MPOW Mbits S earbuds is very sweet. For example, now you can order headphones for only $18.99 with a 44% discount.

Considering their low cost and the features that the earbuds have, I can recommend them for purchase. But I will also leave a list of the main competitors, which may be even better in some aspects.


Alternative and competitors

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