Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

I have already tested wireless earbuds from the Mifa brand once, but today I want to talk about a new model that I have been testing for more than two months. This is the TWS earbuds Mifa X11.

In this article I will tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages, and also share with you whether this model is worth your attention or not.

The first thing to do is to talk about cost. Now you can get the Mifa X11 at a tempting price of only $49. Thus, the price is not the highest, and the specifications are very interesting.


The main feature of the new earbuds is its sporty design. Therefore, if you are an athlete, then this model will be a good choice, but I will talk about the convenience of wearing it a little later. According to the technical specification, you will receive modern Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds with support for aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs.

In addition, the earbuds received good water protection under the IPX7 standard, as well as a large battery capacity with good battery life.

But is everything as good as it seems at first glance? Let’s find out the main features and I’ll tell you why I couldn’t write a review of this model for so long.

Mifa X11: Specifications

Mifa X11:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:6mm Dynamic driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX, AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

The Mifa X11 earbuds come in a pretty good box, the cardboard itself is strong, but during transportation one of the corners was slightly damaged. But the components remained intact.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

This is a small package of black color and bright yellow lettering. For example, on the front of the case, there is a company slogan “Just enjoy” and there is a company name.

Inside the box, a well-packed charging box with earbuds inside was waiting for me. Below there was a set of silicone ear tips, a Type-C charging cable, and instructions for use.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

The package bundle is very common, but I want to note that the earbuds are made of high quality and from materials that are pleasant to the touch. Therefore, I propose to talk in more detail about the appearance and its features.

Design, build quality and materials

Mifa offers very reliable and well-made X11 wireless earbuds. The earbuds themselves are made in a composition of dense plastic and silicone, pleasant to the touch. But the dimensions and weight of the earbuds are not the same as those of everyday models that I have been able to test recently.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

Each earbud weighs about 5.7 grams and measures slightly above average. I also had to get used to the additional attachment for a long time so that the earbuds did not fall out of the ear canal during sports. Although even without this attachment, the earbuds sat tight.

Naturally, wearing them for a long time will be problematic, since they are still intended for sports. Therefore, while running or working out in the gym, about 2 hours was just right.

In addition, Mifa X11 received almost complete protection against water under the IPX7 standard. Yes, you can not be afraid of snow, rain, or sweat during your workouts. But I still do not recommend completely wetting it in water.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

A mechanical control button is located on the front of the case. This is not at all a typical solution, as for modern TWS earbuds. But on the other hand, I had no problems with accidental clicks. As for the functionality, I will talk about it a little later.

On the inside, there are contacts for charging and a channel designation. The sound guide itself has a good length and the correct angle of inclination, so I had no problems with the fit in the ear canal.

But here’s a small surprise for me was the charging box with large dimensions. For most of these boxes, it serves as a power bank, but the X11 does not have this function.

Few numbers, the weight of the case with the earbuds was 132 grams, and the dimensions were 80 x 56 x 32 mm Thus, putting the charging box in a jeans pocket will be problematic.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

There are four charge level indicators on the front of the case, and on the back, there is a Type-C port for charging with an additional plug. Of course, there is no wireless charging and fast charging here either, but you will learn about the battery life in the following sections. Now I’m going to talk about the connection and its latency.

Connection, latency, and control

Inside the case, the Mifa X11 uses a rather old but well-proven chipset from Qualcomm. I can also draw your attention to the wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0. During my use, I did not find strong delays in the quality of the signal. The signal was stable even up to 10 meters.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

As for latency, the aptX codec makes itself felt. For example, while watching a video on YouTube, I did not feel much discomfort. But it will be very difficult to call the earbuds gaming, since there is a delay in games, albeit insignificant.

As I said, the Mifa X11 uses mechanical control, not touch. This can be a plus, but also a minus. For example, I did not have accidental clicks while using earbuds. But when switching tracks or other functions, when I pressed the button, I felt a little discomfort.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

In terms of functionality, everything is fine here. For example, you can easily control the volume level, switch tracks forward or backward, as well as call the voice assistant and even receive phone calls.

Sound and microphone quality

Each earbud uses a 6mm dynamic driver. Despite its standard size, Mifa X11 is played very loudly. With the right selection of ear tips, you will get very good passive sound insulation and extraneous noise will not bother you.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

The sound quality at low frequencies is very good. There is a spacious and massive bass. I really liked the sound of low frequencies, given its low cost.

I can say the same for the mid and high frequencies. Each frequency range plays clearly and with a pleasant tone. In general, listening to music was very pleasant, apart from that I listened to podcasts and audiobooks, and the voice of the announcer was clear.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

I didn’t expect the sound quality to be so good, but in practice, the earbuds sound much better than it might seem at first glance.

As for the microphone, in a quiet place, it works pretty well, but in noisy places, the work of CvC 8.0 does not fully cope with its tasks. I cannot say that the microphone quality will be bad in loud places, but it cannot be called the best either.

Battery and run time

Remember I said that the charging box is quite large, and all because of the large capacity of the 2600 mAh battery. But I would like to get another power bank function, but unfortunately, it is not here.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

Thanks to the box, you can recharge the earbuds about 15 times and the total battery life is about 100 hours. That’s really a lot for budget earbuds.

Now about the battery life of the Mifa X11 earbuds themselves. During my test, when used at 50% volume, they played for about 5 hours. A solid figure considering the 43 mAh battery.

Full charge time will be about 2 hours through the Type-C port.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Mifa X11 is another good wireless earbuds that are well suited for both sports and short-term use.

Mifa X11 Review: Sports TWS Earbuds with High Battery Life

The main feature of TWS earbuds is their sporty design with good grip and IPX7 water protection. In addition, from the positive points, I can highlight – these are high battery life, support for the aptX codec, multifunctional control, as well as good sound.

There were also some drawbacks here. For example, the model of wireless earbuds received not the most comfortable fit, a fairly large charging box, and without using the power bank function and mechanical control.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Already now you can purchase and order Mifa X11 wireless earbuds at an attractive price for only $49.49.

But I think that the price tag will drop even during the holidays and you can grab this or another model of earbuds even cheaper. Considering its purpose, I can recommend the earbuds for purchase if you are not greatly confused by their shortcomings.


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