Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

Meizu is a very rare guest on my blog. In general, this brand does not have strong popularity on the Internet. But today we will talk about new wireless earbuds called Meizu POP Pro.

More than one year ago, I already tested TWS earbuds from Meizu called the POP 2 model. The improved model of earbuds from the Meizu brand received not only a new look, but also completely different sound qualities.

As for the cost, currently the price tag for the Meizu POP Pro will be around $80. Let me remind you that the price of the second generation in the POP line will cost you only $50. Therefore, the difference between generations is significant, but it is impossible to compare these models, since they have different specifics.


In terms of its main features, the new POP Pro model stands out for its active noise cancelling function, 10 mm dynamic driver, support for AAC and SBC codecs.

Also, these earbuds are able to please you with a very comfortable fit and lightweight. It is also worth noting about the presence of protection against sweat and splashes under the IPX5 standard and an automatic pause sensor.

Well, the earbuds received a lot of interesting features, such as those of real flagships. But will they be able to surprise me with their potential in sound quality and other features? Let’s find out about everything in a detailed and in-depth review.

Meizu POP Pro: Specifications

Meizu POP Pro:Specs
Resistance:16 ohm
Driver size:10mm driver
Wireless connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000 Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC и SBC
Battery:45 (300) mAh
Charging time:90 mins
Weight:5,1 (43) grans
Music time:6 hours

Unboxing and packaging

The packaging from Meizu is a small and compact white box. On the front, there is a drawing of the earbuds with the designation of the model name and the brand itself.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

The package contents of the POP Pro model are quite simple. For example, inside the package, I found, directly, the charging box itself with earbuds inside. At the bottom of the box was a small box with two sets of different ear tips, a Type-C charging cable, and instructions for use.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

But I want to note that the thickness of the packaging itself is quite good and it looks pretty nice, even as a gift. Now let’s see what materials the earbuds are made of and how high quality they are.

Design, build quality and materials used

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the glossy white body. The manufacturer offers only one color option and for me this is a very poor choice. For example, I would like to have a wider range of colors, but not even black is available here.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

In addition, I did not like the glossy plastic, which leaves a lot of fingerprints and other debris like dust. Therefore, matte plastic is not only more practical for me, but also looks premium.

But despite its shortcomings, the Meizu POP Pro model also has a number of advantages – it is a very compact and lightweight headphone case. The weight of one earbud was only 5 grams. Therefore, the fit in the ear canal is very comfortable and I could wear the earbuds for hours without feeling tired.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

I also liked the fit during sports, as the earbuds held well and firmly in the ear canal. In addition, the device received good protection against sweat and splashes under the IPX5 standard.

It’s not hard to guess that the design of the Meizu POP Pro earbuds is very similar to the latest generation of AirPods. A lot of manufacturers copy the looks of top brands a little to keep sales a little higher.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

On the outside of the headphone case, you can find a touch control panel and an LED indicator for operation. There are also three microphone holes on the body. Each of the microphones serves a different purpose, for example, there is a main microphone for conversations. The second microphone is for noise canceling and the latter is needed for the active noise canceling function.

At the bottom of the leg, there are two contacts for charging the earbuds themselves in the charging box. These are unusual contacts and have received a special rounding.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

Now a little about the charging box, which is also made of glossy white plastic. It got a good assembly and even the lid opens smoothly and easily, without a strong backlash. The lid hinge is made of metal and this proves the quality assembly once again.

On the front of the box, you can find a battery level LED indicator. If it is green, then the charge level is from 75 to 100%, if yellow – 30-75%, and if it is red, then you should put the box on charge. In this case, if the indicator flashes blue, it means pairing mode.

Meanwhile, on the back of the charging box, you can see a button for pairing or factory reset. And on the bottom of the box, there is a Type-C charging connection.

I want to pay special attention to the compact dimensions of the charging box. It fits lightly and comfortably in the hand thanks to the rounded edges in the box. Also, the box can be easily put in a jeans pocket without too much trouble.

Connect, delay and control

But the connection method Meizu POP Pro received only Bluetooth 5.0. To be honest, I would like to see a newer generation connected here, for example 5.1 or even 5.2. But despite this fact, the connection was stable and even at a distance of 10 meters the connection was good.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

As I said earlier, the earbuds received AAC and SBC audio codecs. Therefore, I did not reveal any problems with the sound quality, but I will talk about the sound a little later.

I do not currently have a smartphone from Meizu to test the pop-up function during pairing. Thus, I had to connect the earbuds with a simple and uncomplicated method via the Bluetooth settings on the mobile device.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

Also, I did not find a special game mode. But I cannot say that the delay was great. For example, when watching a video on YouTube, there was no latency at all, but during games, even if there was, it was generally insignificant.

Of the shortcomings, I can note the very weak functionality of the touch panel. There are few functions here, so let’s talk about them in more detail.

  • Double tap produces – play, pause, accept or put a phone conversation.
  • Holding down for 1.5 seconds switches the mode from normal to ANC or vice versa.

Of course, I would like to see features like track switching and volume control here. But the manufacturer thinks that owners of Meizu POP Pro earbuds will be able to control these functions through smartwatches or fitness trackers. Therefore, I also had to use this opportunity for greater convenience.

Sound and microphone quality

In each Meizu POP Pro earphone, a 10 mm composite driver with bass enhancement was installed. It sounds great on paper, but in practice I have some small comments.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

For example, the main criterion for me was the volume level. If competitors have a good volume reserve and I listen to music at 80% volume. Then, on the POP Pro model, I had to listen at 90% volume level. But if you are riding in a noisy subway, then 100% volume level will not save you.

I understand why the manufacturer took such measures so that you do not spoil your hearing after a short time listening to music at high volume.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

Well, but if we consider the options for the sound quality of low frequencies, then I liked the presence of a dynamic and rather voluminous bass.

In addition, the manufacturer has tried to improve the sound of mid and high frequencies. These frequencies played cleanly and without annoying sounds even at high volume levels. Also, musical instruments were well readable by ear, as well as the vocalist’s voice.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

I can also note that this model is well suited for various genres of music. For example, I listened to both classical rock, instrumental music and pop, rap and other and earbuds swallowed any genre well.

As for the active noise canceling function, it really works well. The surrounding city noises have been isolated by earbuds thanks to 35dB noise cancellation. Of course, if you compare this function to Apple’s top-end earbuds, then the ANC function on the POP Pro model will not work as well.

As I said, there are a lot of microphone holes on the headphone case and let’s talk about their sound quality. When my interlocutors talked to me, they heard me clearly and well. Also when I told them that I was talking through the earbuds they couldn’t believe it. Because they thought that I was communicating with them through a smartphone.

Battery and run time

Each Meizu POP Pro earbud has a 45 mAh battery capacity. During my testing, the earbuds lasted about 3 hours and 50 minutes with active noise canceling enabled.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

But if you turn off the ANC function, then the device was able to work for about 6 hours on a one single charge. The last indicator of battery life is very good. In addition, the total battery life using the charging box will be up to 18 hours. At the same time, the battery capacity in the box is 300 mAh.

The charging box is charged via a Type-C connection and the full charge time does not exceed 1.5 hours. But unfortunately there is no wireless charging, as it was in the past versions in the POP line from the Meizu brand.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Meizu POP Pro wireless earbuds have become for me another worthy model that I am not ashamed to recommend.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

First of all, they received the most important two advantages – the most comfortable fit in the ear canal and ideal sound quality in all its frequency ranges.

I also liked the work of the active noise canceling function and the work of the proximity sensor with automatic pause. In addition, the POP Pro model has a good battery life.

Meizu POP Pro Review: Unique TWS Earbuds with ANC Function

On the negative side, I can say that this is not the best quality of the materials used, but the assembly is at a very high level. Another disadvantage is that there are no supplies for the volume level and low functionality of touch control.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

One of the important factors when choosing any technology, including the category of wireless earbuds is the cost and let’s talk about it in more detail.

Currently, at the time of this writing, the price tag for the Meizu POP Pro is $79.99. I think this cost is a little overpriced, so I recommend waiting for a discount or auction offer. But overall, the new TWS earbuds are definitely worth their attention.


Alternative and competitors

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