Megawheels S5 ride

Recently I was able to test a not very recent model of an electric scooter, but after the tests, I was a little surprised. Therefore, today I will tell you about the electric scooter, which was named Megawheels S5.

Recently, many manufacturers have begun to produce various e-scooters, but each has a different price tag. If we talk about the price of the Megawheels S5, then it will cost you only $ 320.


Of course, this is a very low price for such an electric scooter. Looking at the technical features, they are pretty impressive. For example, the power of the electric motor was 250W, the battery capacity was 5.8 Ah, the maximum speed was 25 km/h and the cruising range was about 22 km.

But the most important parameter for me was the appearance, which may not be very different from its competitors, but it clearly has some cool differences. I will talk about them a little later in the next section of the full and detailed review.

I think it’s worth starting an in-depth inspection by unboxing and looking at the package contents and in which box the Megawheels e-scooter comes in.

Megawheels S5: Specifications

Megawheels S5:Specs
Motor rated power:250W
Wheel size:8.5inch
Maximum speed:25km/h
Battery:5.8Ah Li-ion battery
Rated voltage:42V 2A DC
Product weight:11.9 kg
Product size (L x W x H):111 x 42 x 120 cm (unfolded), 111 x 42 x 20 cm (folded)

Unboxing and packaging

The appearance of the box is not typical, like most products from the Xiaomi brand. Since Megawheels introduced the new S5 electric scooter model in a bright and beautiful box.

Megawheels S5 box

On the front, you can find the drawing of the device and its main features. For example, this is the maximum speed of movement, range of electric traction, charging time, and much more.

Megawheels S5 unboxing

Inside the box, I found a well-packaged electric scooter in protected foam. Naturally, it was folded, so the dimensions of the box are not as large as those of competitors.

Megawheels S5 package

In addition to the scooter itself, I also found this instruction for use and assembly, a charging cable, and a power adapter with a power of 84W. Also, included is a 7 wrench and additional hex wrenches. I also found handlebars and a mechanical bell.

Design, build quality and materials

Surprising me with an electric scooter is quite difficult, but the Megawheels S5 model was able to do it. Considering its cost of $320, I was amazed at how well the electric scooter was assembled. Especially if you look at the welded joint, they are practically invisible and the manufacturer has processed them well.

Megawheels S5 design

In fact, even if we compare the more expensive models of electric scooters with a price tag of more than $ 500, even the S5 is even better built. I think that the Megawheels manufacturer did a very good job on the appearance and therefore the buyer will definitely be interested in this scooter model.

In addition, I liked the matt black color of the case made of various aluminum alloys. And yes, the total weight of the electric scooter was approximately 11.9 kg. This is a typical weight like most of its competitors. Thus, carrying it over the steps or lifting it on public transport will not be a problem even for a female.

Megawheels S5 ride

The surface on which you will stand while moving is covered with a special rough material. This is necessary so that your feet have a good grip during rain or ice. This is important, as instability while driving can lead to injuries and falls. Also on this surface, you can find the brand logo – this is a bright green letter “M” and the name “scooter”. In this case, the width of the surface was 40 cm.

Megawheels S5 foot place

The main difference between other electric scooter models is the square section of the steering frame. Usually, most scooters have a round steering frame. But with a square section, the scooter looks even more premium and at least more unusual.

Yes, I would also like to note that the maximum passenger weight should not exceed 120 kg. Thus, if you have a weight of about 70-80 kg, then you will be able to move around even more with your child.

Megawheels S5 hands-on

Now some information about the wheels. The Megawheels S5 has a standard wheel size of 8.5 inches. These are pneumatic wheels and naturally, they are inflated with air. As my practice has shown, this is the most optimal wheel size for an electric scooter. It will allow you to move smoothly and comfortably and without much energy loss.

Megawheels S5 front wheel

As for dimensions, when unfolded, the Megawheels S5 scooter received dimensions of 111 x 42 x 120 cm, and when folded – 112 x 43 x 20 cm. This is really small and if you live in a big metropolis, then the electric scooter will be a necessary thing during movement in a busy city.

Megawheels S5 in the car

I can also mention the bright LED light on the steering frame of the scooter. It is activated by holding the button on the steering wheel for a few seconds. The range of the visible section of the road was approximately 4-5 meters. In addition, another red light was installed on the rear wheel fender, which signals braking. For example, when you press the brake pedal on the steering wheel, the rear red light comes on.

Megawheels S5 folding

Of the additional conveniences, I can note – this is a leg for holding the electric scooter in a horizontal position. I also liked the grips on the steering wheel, they are very pleasant to the touch and therefore it was a pleasure to move around.

Megawheels S5 display

I also found on the steering wheel – a brake lever, a bell, an LED screen with one mechanical control button, and an accelerator pedal. As you can see, the Megawheels S5 scooter received only one brake pedal. And braking is carried out thanks to the disc brake on the rear wheel. Okay, now I think it’s worth talking about performance and emotion while riding.

Power, range, battery, and ride

Like most electric scooters, the new Megawheels S5 has a 250W electric motor. My practice has shown that this power is only enough on straight sections. When a slope appears, the movement speed decreases. But I note that even with a large slope of about 20 degrees, the scooter persistently overcomes the hill, but at a low speed of about 5-7 km/h.

Megawheels S5 ride

An LED screen is located in the center of the steering wheel. Features such as current speed, range, battery level, and operating mode can be seen on it. The S5 has two modes – calm and sporty. During the first mode – the maximum speed was 10 km/h, and in the second mode – 25 km/h. Also, note that modes are switched using the button near the LED screen.

Now some information about the battery capacity. I have a standard S5 version and the battery capacity is 5.8 Ah. There are also S5S and S5X versions with a 7.5 Ah battery. The latest modifications are intended for Europe and the USA, respectively.

Megawheels S5 display

With the basic modification of 5.8 Ah of battery capacity, the electric scooter is capable of traveling approximately 15 to 20 km. This is not so much, but if you have a small city and you are already tired of walking, then this scooter will bring you a lot of pleasure.

That being said, I would like to note that a full charge of the battery will only take 3 hours of your time. For competitors, a full charge can take up to 5-6 hours. Therefore, even if your office is about 15 km from your home, then this will not be a problem. Since you can connect the scooter for charging in the office and get home at the end of the working day without any problems.

Megawheels S5 ride

I would also like to note about the brakes. It uses a disc rear brake, but the first time I hit it I was a little shocked. It was very sharp that I practically did not fall off. Yes, the braking distance is very short at about 3 meters at maximum speed. But these brakes take some getting used to. That is, while you learn how to brake correctly, you can fall off several times.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

After several days of active tests on the Megawheels S5, I still remained under a positive impression.

Megawheels S5 hands-on

I want to pay special attention to the quality assembly and materials used. This is a perfect electric scooter and it is definitely not inferior in its design to more expensive models.

At the same time, the power of the electric motor is sufficient for straight sections, but a small rise limits the speed quite strongly. But the scooter does not stop and overcomes its obstacles well.

Megawheels S5 design

On the downside, I can attribute it to a short travel range, but thanks to fast charging, this problem will not be big. In general, the emotions that the Megawheels S5 electric scooter gave me were very positive and I liked to drive it throughout the test.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Finding an inexpensive electric scooter with high-quality performance and materials used is quite difficult. But the Megawheels S5 is a good example of this. The price for the basic modification was only $ 319.99, and the version with 7.5 Ah will already cost $ 100 more.

Therefore, I can safely recommend Megawheels electric scooter. It received a quality design and good performance.


Alternative and competitors

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