Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

Earlier, I had already come across the Mecool brand and I was able to test a good TV box called Mecool KM6 Deluxe. But today we will talk about another interesting device that will help you upgrade your regular TV. As you may have guessed from the name, this is the Mecool KD1 TV Stick.

Once upon a time, I already tested TV sticks only from the Xiaomi brand and I also liked the way the manufacturer presented its device. Therefore, I was interested to know how well the KD1 TV Stick is made. I will also check its performance and find out if the device is worth my attention or not.

As for the cost, you can currently buy the Mecool KD1 TV Stick gadget at a fairly low price of up to $45. This is a really good value for a small and compact device. But I think you are interested in knowing the main specifications and let me tell you about them.


Inside the case, the manufacturer installed a quad-core Amlogic S905Y2 processor. There is also 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. I think the most important feature is the official operating system from Google Android TV 10. Naturally, onboard the TV stick you can find wireless connections such as Bluetooth 4.2 and a dual-band Wi-Fi module.

Thus, after brief information about the technical capabilities, I was even more interested in the new device from the Mecool brand. Therefore, I propose right now to start a detailed and in-depth review and find out what it is capable of in real life.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick: Specifications

Mecool KD1 TV Stick:Specs
CPU:Amlogic S905X3
GPU:Mali G31
Maximum External Hard Drives:No Support
OS:Android TV 10
Interface:Micro USB and HDMI
Size:80 x 20 x 10

Unboxing and packaging

To me for a test, the device came in a bright green packaging, which stands out strongly. On the front of the package, the TV stick itself is drawn with remote control. There are also inscriptions of the model name, company name, and the main feature of AndroidTV.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

Inside the package, I managed to find – this is the TV stick itself, instructions, a small power adapter, a remote control, as well as a USB and infrared cable.

The equipment itself gave me positive feelings. For example, it has everything you need for full use. Now I propose to go through the appearance of the device from Mecool and find out how well it is assembled.

Design, build quality and materials

Mecool KD1 TV Stick is the simplest device I’ve ever tested. There is nothing special here, there is not even really anything to talk about.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

For example, the body of the device is made of matte black plastic. On the top, you can see the model name KD1 and a small LED indicator. It is also worth noting that the body is divided into two parts – a smooth matte and a relief surface.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

As for the quality of execution, I did not find any comments. The Mecool KD1 TV Stick was made with high quality and without unnecessary extraneous sound or squeaks.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

On the external interface, I found only one connection – this is the Micro USB port on the left side of the device. Also on the front, there is an HDMI port for connecting to your TV or other signal display source. For example, it could be a monitor or even a projector.

As you can see, the remote control is much larger than the TV stick itself. The remote control itself received the minimum number of buttons. But here there are all the necessary buttons for full use in everyday life. I also liked the presence of voice control and quick access buttons for apps like YouTube, Prime Video, and Google Play.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

Okay, now let me share with you my emotions from the user interface and of course from the performance itself. You will also find out how much the device heats up since there is not a single hole for the cooling system in it.

Performance, benchmark tests, games, and OS

As I said at the beginning of the review, the new Mecool KD1 TV Stick has a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor with a clock speed of 1.50 GHz. Perhaps this is not the most productive chipset, as there is already an improved version of this processor called Amlogic S905X2. But do not forget that this is a very small and compact device, and not a full-fledged and large TV box.

As for the performance of this processor, I was very pleased with it. Let’s take a look at the benchmarks of popular benchmarks. For example, in the AnTuTu test, the device scored 71 thousand points, and in GeekBench 5 – 776 points in the single-core test and 1898 points in the multi-core test. That is, the test results are very good, both for a small and compact device.

ARM Mali G31 MP2 is responsible for the graphics accelerator. During my tests, I was able to run simple games such as Crossy Road, Go Kart Go Air, and others. It is impossible to play more complex games since these are all such non-gaming devices. But if your children or grandchildren want to play games, then you can even do it on the TV stick.

But the amount of built-in memory is not as large as I would like to see here. Onboard the Mecool KD1 TV Stick device used 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. At the same time, free memory was 11 GB, and as for a modern device in 2021, this is quite small.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

Also, the built-in memory is not famous for its fast work, since the read speed was 74 MBps, and the write speed was 50 MBps. In addition, you will not be able to expand the memory or use an external memory card.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

Due to its internal memory, the device launches the operating system in 41 seconds. As you can understand for a long time, but it is still possible to come to terms with it. Okay, now let’s take a look at the most important feature that the Mecool brand has praised so much in its new product. I’m talking specifically about the operating system.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

The gadget runs on a fully Google-certified operating system – Android TV with version 10. Here you can see the familiar and at the same time simple main menu of the user interface.

At the top, you can find the keyboard for search, voice control, settings, and time. Below are subsections, for example, the first section is customized applications. You can add the most useful and requested applications to this section. If you click on the red icon, then you will see all the applications that have been installed on this device.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

You can also use the Google Play Store to install TV apps. Yes, maybe this is not a full version of the Play Store, as on smartphones. But there is a pretty good list of apps here to make full use of on your TV.

Okay, now let’s go through the main settings section. Since the user interface is running Android version 10, the settings will have the same order as on any modern smartphone.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

In the settings, you can configure the network and the Internet, login accounts, applications, and much more. For example, the typical settings include the choice of date, time, language, sound settings, memory, and more. I can also note the presence of a built-in Chromecast.

Now I propose to check the most important test – this is video playback. Since there is no separate port for connecting a flash drive, I cannot check video playback through the drive. Therefore, I checked the playback functionality through the Youtube application. I ran the video at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and was completely satisfied with the result. The video itself played smoothly and without any delay. Naturally, there were no problems with lowering the resolution and frame rate during playback.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

The last thing I wanted to talk about is overheating. During my tests, I noticed that the Mecool KD1 TV Stick was a little warm when I played games. But when watching videos, I did not feel strong overheating.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

First of all, the new gadget Mecool KD1 TV Stick is designed for frequent transportation. Since there is no need to buy it if you plug it in once and don’t touch it anymore. For such purposes, it is best to purchase a TV box with the best performance and capabilities.

Mecool KD1 TV Stick Review: Compact TV Stick with Android TV 10

On the positive side, I can highlight – it’s a compact and very small design. I also liked the good performance and the installed official version of the Android TV operating system version 10.

Of course, I loved the Wi-Fi performance and even the built-in Chromecast feature. An important feature is high-definition video playback.

But the disadvantages will clearly be obvious to you – this is the lack of additional external connections, such as USB-A format, LAN ports, SD slots, and much more. Besides, I didn’t like the amount of built-in and RAM.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

You can currently get the Mecool KD1 TV Stick at a good price for only $46.14 with a 30% discount.

I think this is a versatile device that every user should have in his pocket. So that you can connect it to a TV or other device anywhere and watch your favorite movies, YouTube subscriptions, and more. This gadget will be a good buy for travel lovers. Since you can connect a Mecool TV stick in any hotel in the world to any TV.


Price and where to buy cheaper?

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