Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

Maimo is a completely unknown brand to me. And today I have a review of one of the first smartwatches from this brand called Maimo Watch.

But I want to note that the Maimo company has its roots from the 70mai brand, which produces various models of video recorders, watches and other gadgets. In turn, the 70mai brand, as you may know or guess, is a sub brand from the well-known manufacturer of Chinese technology Xiaomi.

I think the experience of brands like 70mai and Xiaomi is pretty good, so in practice the new Maimo Watch shouldn’t disappoint me. Therefore, if you yourself are looking for an inexpensive but high-quality watch for everyday wear or even sports, then perhaps the option from Maimo will be a good choice.

But is everything so good with today’s hero? I will tell you about all the nuances and advantages in this full review. Believe me, I have something to share with you, since I have already been testing this model of the device for about 10 days.

In terms of value, the latest Summer Sale on Aliexpress is currently underway. Therefore, the price tag for this watch model and also for other gadgets will be very attractive. For example, now the price tag on the Maimo Watch was only $40, although the regular price was $69.


Among the interesting features, the watch from the Maimo company stands out for the presence of a square dial with a size of 1.69 inches. Also, the device has received a minimalistic appearance with an aluminum body. In addition, protection against water is also present and this is not IP68 for you, but with the 5ATM standard.

Smart watches are also distinguished by the presence of a large number of modern functions. For example, the main ones I can attribute are heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level SpO2, Alexa voice control and many other useful features.

So, for $40, you get a decent watch, but is everything so smooth with this new model? Let’s talk about everything in a detailed and in-depth review.

Maimo Watch: Specifications

Maimo Watch:Specs
Screen:1.69 inch TFT screen with ? pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:5ATM
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery:300 mAh
Standby time:up to 10 days
Size:43.75 x 37 x 11 mm

Unboxing and packaging

A new freshly baked smartwatch model from the Maimo brand is delivered in a rather large package, which was made in black. Also on the front of the box, you can find a picture of the device with its name. At the same time, on the side end, there are the main features of the watch, which I have already described at the beginning of the review.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

In addition, I want to say that the box itself was made of a fairly durable cardboard material and the device came to me intact and without any damage.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

Inside the package, I found that this is a rather weighty manual in various languages. Slightly lower is the watch itself with a silicone strap. But in a separate box there was a magnetic charging cable and an additional strap.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

My first emotions after unpacking remained pretty good. But I had no doubt about it, since the device was built under the control of the famous brand Xiaomi.

Design, build quality and materials

The manufacturer Maimo has released its new smartwatch model in two different versions – in black and rose gold. I have it on the review in the last version and it does not look very bad at all. In fact, I ordered this watch for my wife and she really liked this watch color.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

In addition, the manufacturer offers a wide range of colors for silicone straps. If out of the box a watch in black had a black strap, then a watch in rose-gold color had a white strap. Also, the black color of the watch comes with an orange strap, and the rose-gold color of the device with a green strap.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

The case of the smartwatch Maimo Watch was made in a combination of two materials – an aluminum alloy and matte plastic. At the same time, matte plastic was used only on the back of the device case. If you look at the front of the watch, you can find a protective glass with an oleophobic coating.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

As for the quality of performance, I also had no particular complaints. The device was made with high quality and no extraneous squeak and noise were found by me. In addition, the watch received good water protection under the 5ATM standard. This means that you can dive with a smartwatch to a depth of 50 meters or 5 atmospheres pressure.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

On the front of the Maimo Watch, you can find a large 1.69-inch square screen. If you look closely, you will notice that the corners of the screen are now 2.5D rounded. The screen itself used a TFT matrix and I had no strong complaints about the transmitted picture. In the watch settings, there was a five-level brightness control. At the highest brightness setting, I had no problems with the readability of the screen outdoors, even in bright sun.

If you look at the right side of the Maimo smartwatch, you can find the power button here. It had a very good stroke and the pressure response was good.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

The back of the device has received a standard PPG heart rate sensor and G-sensor. It also features a dual-pin magnetic charging connection and a microphone hole for the Alexa function. I will talk about each feature a little later.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

As for the dimensions, they were 43.75 x 37 x 11 mm, and the weight was about 24 grams, but this does not take into account the weight of the strap. During my testing, I didn’t have any discomfort at all while wearing it. I could easily wear the watch all day long without feeling very tired, which is very good. I also believe that the dimensions and weight of the device are suitable not only for men, but also for women or even teenagers.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

The last thing I want to talk about is the strap. The strap itself was made from a nice silicone material and as I said earlier, it came in a variety of color options. To remove the strap from the watch case, you do not need much effort, and the replacement itself will not take more than 1 minute of your time. The width of the strap is 22 mm and you can easily replace the strap with any other option, even from a local watch store in your city.

Features, connectivity and mobile app

The first switching on of the Maimo Watch is accompanied by the connection of the mobile application to your smartphone or other device. At the same time, the application was named Maimo Fit and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. I will talk about the functions and settings of the application itself a little later.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

The home screen of Maimo smartwatch offers a wide variety of different watch face styles. In addition, you can choose from over 50 different watch faces via the mobile app. I think you will find a suitable option to your liking.

Now let’s go through the main functions of smartwatch management. Here I noticed a slightly odd layout of the menu. For example, when you swipe up, you will be taken to the quick settings menu. And when you swipe down, there is a menu of recent notifications.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

In the section of the quick settings menu, there is a list of the following icons, such as do not disturb mode, wake up the screen when you raise your hand, adjust the screen brightness and find a mobile device. Also in the upper part of the screen of this section, there is information about the level of the remaining battery charge as a percentage and icons of Bluetooth connection with time.

Next, it’s worth talking about the widgets that turn on when you swipe to the left or right from the smartwatch home screen. For example, here I found activity widgets for the day, heart rate, music player, weather, and others. In addition, widgets can be controlled, that is, through the Maimo Fit mobile application you can add or remove unnecessary widgets, which is also a very convenient feature.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

To enter the main menu with all functions and applications, you must press the side button on the right side of the device. In the main menu, I found the following features such as your health data, workouts, Alexa, workout history, heart rate, blood oxygen level SpO2, stress, breathing workout, sleep, weather, music, stopwatch, timer, alarm and settings.

Let’s go through the main sections of the Maimo Watch smartwatch settings. Here I saw sections such as adjusting screen brightness, screen time, and auto adjusting screen brightness.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

Now I propose to talk about sports training. In total, I counted 13 different types of training, for example, running, walking, cycling, and even swimming and other types. In addition, I liked the feature that during training you can control the music player on your watch. The function is really convenient and it was comfortable to use.

At the same time, tracking health indicators such as heart rate and blood oxygen levels also showed themselves in a positive way. The results were very similar, as with the medical device, and I did not reveal any particular complaints about its performance.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

In general, the user interface of Maimo Watch smartwatches turned out to be very similar, as on most other models of smart wearable devices. But I didn’t really like the smoothness of the device. During my testing, it was possible to notice that the scrolling of functions was not very fast and this once again proved that the watch model from the Maimo brand is budgetary.

The Maimo Fit mobile app offers a standard list of settings and features like most of the competition. The main screen of the app shows information about steps taken, distance and calories. Also here you can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level SpO2, stress and other features. As I said, in the app you will be able to install a larger list of different watch faces.

Battery and run time

When I turned it on for the first time, the remaining charge was 95%. At the end of day 10, the charge dropped to 5%. As the manufacturer assures, the battery life with active use should be about 10 days, as I did.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

And if you do not use the various functions of the watch, but only use the watch for its intended purpose, then the total battery life will be up to 21 days.

A full charge via the two-pin connection took about 2.5 hours. In my opinion, the Maimo Watch has no weak points regarding battery life.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Finally, I want to note that smartwatches from the newly minted Maimo brand have become very good. Yes, they have weaknesses, but they also have advantages.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

For example, on the positive side, I can single out this high-quality assembly with very good manufacturing materials. Also, the device received a rather bright and saturated screen, which in turn had an oleophobic coating.

In addition, I liked the functionality with a lot of useful features, such as pulse tracking, SpO2, stress, breathing recovery and much more.

Maimo Watch Review: Not Simple Smartwatch, But With Nuances

On the other hand, the very work of the user interface was a little laggy. This did not concern the touchpad and its operation, but it was that the device’s performance was rather weak. But in fact, this is not particularly critical and you can live with it.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

We are currently running the last Summer Sale on Aliexpress this year, and you can get your hands on the Maimo Watch at a really low price for just $40. There are also coupons and the price tag, depending on the store, will be even lower.

Considering its main features and what the new device from the Maimo brand is capable of, I can definitely recommend this watch to you for purchase.


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