KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

I think many of you know a popular smartwatch brand called KOSPET. But most of these wearable devices that I have been able to test were not perfectly secure. Today I want to share with you one interesting model called KOSPET Rock.

This is a budget smartwatch and I guess from the name you can guess that stone stands for toughness and resistance to the environment. Therefore, in this article, let’s take a look at the first rugged smartwatch model from the KOSPET brand.

As I said, the Rock model belongs to the budget category of devices, so the price tag is very attractive and now you can get a watch for only $30.


What can you expect for such a low price tag? Let’s take a look at the main features and specs of a rugged smartwatch model. The first thing that makes the watch stand out is its large 1.69-inch square dial. Also, many of you will love the brutal design with full water protection under the 3ATM standard.

In addition, the new rugged watch from KOSPET will not let you down in a difficult situation, as it has a very good reserve of battery capacity. Therefore, battery life on a single charge is at a high value.

Thus, let’s check the KOSPET Rock smartwatch model in practice and find out its strengths and weaknesses. I plan to start my in-depth and full review with unpacking.

KOSPET Rock: Specifications

KOSPET Rock:Specs
Screen:1.69 inch TFT screen with 240 by 280 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:3ATM waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Standby time:up to 14 days
Size:57 x 44 x 13.4 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The rugged watches from the KOSPET brand are delivered in a rather simple white packaging, where only the name of the company is displayed on the front.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

At the same time, the quality of the box is not bad, for example, the cardboard is quite thick and the device came to me for a test whole and without damage from China.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

Inside the package, I found the smartwatch itself, and the package also includes a two-pin charging cable, instructions and even a protective film for glass.

I don’t think the manufacturer thinks that a thin screen protector can protect the screen from drops, scratches, or other troubles. Therefore, let’s find out what the new model of rugged watches is capable of in real life.

Design, build quality and materials

Before I tell you about the tests carried out on KOSPET Rock, first I want to share with you my emotions from the quality of performance and ease of wearing.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

The first thing that worries me is the fact that the watch is made of plastic. But one thing pleases that the plastic itself is matte and after hard endurance tests, there are no strong scratches or scuffs on the device’s case.

Of course, I would like to see not plastic, but metal. Since metal would inspire more confidence for me. Although I understand that the price tag from a metal case would not have been already at $30. Therefore, I had to come to terms with the idea that the rugged watch Rock is made of plastic. As I later guessed, the plastic was very durable and shock-repellent even when dropped from a great height.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

In terms of build quality, I also had no strong complaints. The KOSPET Rock smartwatch model was perfectly assembled and I never heard any extraneous sounds or creaks, even after several days of active use.

The manufacturer offers a choice of two body colors – this is black, like in my test, and green. I guess the latter would be the best choice for the military.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

On the front of the Rock watch is a square 1.69-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels. The screen has a TFT matrix, so there is no point in expecting a high-quality picture.

Yes, this is not IPS or even an AMOLED matrix. Thus, the viewing angles are very weak, and the contrast is not the highest. But I was gladdened by the fact that the value of the brightness level was not the worst and it was comfortable to look at the screen in bright sunny weather.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

On the right side of the case, there are two mechanical buttons – this is the power button and the backward button. Usually, the back button has a custom function setting, but in the case of the Rock model, this feature is not there.

The back of the watch has a two-pin connection for charging and has a heart rate sensor and other indicators. I will talk about the functions and features of the Rock smartwatch a little later.

The strap width was 20 mm, but the quality of the strap wants to be the best. This is a rather tight strap that doesn’t fit as nicely on the wrist as the silicone material, for example. In addition, if you want to replace the strap, it will be difficult to do it yourself and you will have to turn to the services of a watchmaker.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

But I can’t say anything bad about the comfort of wearing the Rock watch. Even on my thin arm, they fit well and I hardly felt their presence on my arm. At the same time, the weight of the watch was only 46 grams, and the dimensions of the dial case were 57 x 44 x 13.4 mm.

Ok, now I can share with you from the KOSPET Rock smartwatch survival tests conducted. I tested the watch as best I could, for example, I threw it on the wall, on concrete, and also plunged under the water in the pool, bathed in the shower. After my difficult tests, the watch was alive and working properly. But there were some scratches and abrasions on the case.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

Yes, I may not have experienced the watch very cruelly. But believe me, I know that any technique can be broken if you want it. Therefore, I did not try to completely break or damage the watch, but only conducted those tests that you may encounter in everyday life.

Functions, features and connection of the application

The Nordic nRF52840 chipset is responsible for the performance and smooth operation of the KOSPET Rock smartwatch. Also on board the device is built-in 64 KB of RAM and 128 MB of internal memory.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

After the first activation, I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth and fast operation of the user interface. All swipes and flipping between sections were quick. In addition, I did not notice a strong delay, as is the case with budget smartwatches.

The main watch face displays a large amount of information and you need to hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds to change the appearance of the dial. Here you can find six different watch faces, but additional dials can be installed via the mobile app.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

Now let’s go through the main controls of the KOSPET Rock smartwatch. If you swipe down, we get to the quick settings menu. Here I found features such as wireless activation, do not disturb mode, flashlight, theater mode, weather, screen brightness setting and settings. I would like to note that the Rock watch does not support automatic brightness control functions.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

If you swipe from right to left from the home screen, you can see interesting widgets. For example, these are activities throughout the day, heart rate, sleep, weather, and others.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

But if you swipe in the opposite direction, you will get to the menu of all applications. The appearance of this section is very similar to the user interface of Apple products. That is, there are a lot of icons in a chaotic order, but you can quickly and easily find the application that you need. For example, in this section you can find an application for managing music, sports modes, timer, stopwatch, alarm and much more.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

Among the useful features, the watch stands out for the presence of such features as tracking heart rate, blood pressure and even SpO2 levels of oxygen in the blood. Naturally, the readings are not accurate, as the smartwatch does not belong to a medical device. But I compared the results with a medical device and the result was completely satisfied as the deviations were insignificant.

There are about 20 types of sports modes on the KOSPET Rock model. These are various workouts in the gym, outdoors, at home, and even swimming in the pool. By activating the sport mode, you can analyze your workout time, steps, distance, calories and heart rate.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

But it also has some drawbacks, since the watch does not have such functions as a built-in GPS module and Bluetooth calls. Therefore, when running, you will have to carry a mobile smartphone to track your running with the GPS module on your mobile device. Also, you will not be able to answer and receive calls and messages, but you will be able to receive a notification or reject a phone call.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

As for the mobile application, it is called Da Fit and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. After installing the application on my smartphone, I connected the watch to the application without any problems. The main application menu displays standard features and functions. For example, here you can analyze the remaining battery charge, see your steps taken, sleep quality, heart rate, SpO2 and blood pressure.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

In the application settings, you can set various reminders, for example, reminders for water intake, charging, and more. In addition, you can configure the required applications for receiving notifications.

Battery and run time

Another positive side of the KOSPET Rock rugged smartwatch is its battery life. Inside the case, the manufacturer installed a fairly capacious battery with a size of 350 mAh.

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Therefore, even with active use, smartwatches can work for two weeks without recharging. In this case, the waiting time is within 50 days.

But charging via a two-pin cable will take about 2 hours and this is a typical time, as for most inexpensive smart wearable watches.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

If you have been looking for a smartwatch with a rugged design, but also at an affordable price, then the KOSPET Rock variant is a good choice to buy.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

Considering its cost, I liked the large informative screen with vibrant and rich colors. Also, the smooth operation of the user interface will not disappoint you.

Naturally, the main feature of a rugged watch is its protection against water, drops and even dust. My tests showed that even under tough conditions of use, the watch continued to run flawlessly.

KOSPET Rock Review: Rugged Smartwatch for Only $30

I can also attribute to the positive aspects – this is a good battery life thanks to the large capacity of the built-in battery.

The disadvantages I can attribute is the lack of Bluetooth calls and a GPS module. I would also like to get a metal case, although after the tests, even the plastic seemed hardy.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Once again the KOSPET company proved its success in the production of a new model of rugged watches. Therefore, if you are not confused by the appearance and functions with features, then I can easily recommend the watch for purchase.

Moreover, the price tag is currently very attractive, which was only $ 31.99 with a 36% discount.


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