Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

Many Chinese brands are trying to surprise their regular customers with interesting and modern device models. Today I have on review an attractive smartwatch called Kiwitime M1.

This smartwatch model received a very similar design to the Xiaomi Mi Watch when it comes to its first Chinese version. There is also a slight similarity with the Apple watch model. But besides this, watches from the Kiwitime brand received not only an attractive appearance, but also worthy features.

In turn, I would like to note the price of the Kiwitime M1 smartwatch, which will cost you a little more than $30. When I first saw this watch on the monitor screen, I was very surprised at its low cost. I got a sense of doubt, as any budget device has a lot of negative sides.


Before talking about how the watch proved itself in practice in real life, let me briefly tell you about the main features of the new M1 model. On the front of the smartwatch, there is a fairly large screen 1.75-inch with a good resolution.

Also, the entire body is made of aluminum alloy and the device has received full protection from water under the IP68 standard. I can also refer to the main features – this is a decent 310 mAh battery. But the most important function is Bluetooth calling. Where you can answer important calls, but also dial any contacts through your wrist.

Thus, this is the most budgetary smartwatch that has received not only an attractive and modern design, but also a large number of cool features. So let’s check how all the functions work in real life and will they be so useful?

Kiwitime M1: Specifications

Kiwitime M1:Specs
Screen:1.75 inch IPS screen with 320 x 385 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:IP68 waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Standby time:up to 7 days
Size:52 x 37 x 14 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The Kiwitime M1 smartwatch comes in a small square black package. The box itself is made of a matte finish, but there is a glossy smartwatch pattern on the front.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

Everything inside the package is standard, as well as in other budget smartwatches. For example, in the case of the Kiwitime brand, I found the watch itself with a silicone strap. Also included is a two-pin charging cable and instructions for use in Chinese and English.

I can also note that you can additionally order another metal strap for $5. But whether you need it is up to you to decide. Now let’s see how well the watch is assembled.

Design, build quality and materials

As I said at the beginning of the review, the appearance of the Kiwitime M1 is very similar to the Chinese version of the Mi Watch smartwatch. That is, the device received a similar square dial and even has a crown on the right end of the case.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

The manufacturer offers a choice of two types of colors – this is in gray and black combination. On my test, as you can see from the pictures, the smartwatch is black. I think black will look better on a man’s hand, but gray on a woman’s hand.

In terms of the materials used, everything is also good here. For example, the entire body is made of an alloy of aluminum, and on the front, there is a protected glass with a 2.5D.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

But the back of the smartwatch is no longer made of aluminum, but of glossy plastic. In addition, after a short time of use, fingerprints remain on the glossy plastic. I’m glad this plastic isn’t used anywhere else, as that would be a significant disadvantage.

As for the quality, I have no strong comments. All elements are assembled well and no questions asked. Look, the mechanical buttons got good responsiveness and press travel. Another positive aspect of the Kiwitime M1 model is full protection against water under the IP68 standard.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

On the right side, there is a crown for opening the main menu with all applications. And just below there is another button, but only for turning on or off the dial of the screen.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side, there is one speaker for phone calls and a hole for a microphone. The back of the Kiwitime M1 smartwatch received four contacts for charging and data transmission, and a sensor was also installed nearby to determine the heart rate and other values.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

Another positive feature in the Kiwitime M1 model is the high-quality screen matrix. On the front of the watch is a large 1.75-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels. This is a decent screen with a high pixel density per inch.

In addition, this screen boasts a good value for color saturation up to 80%. Also, the screen contrast was 1500: 1. In addition, I liked the maximum brightness level, so using the watch even in sunny weather will be very comfortable.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

The strap itself received a width of 22 mm, but the width of the internal fastening was 18 mm. Therefore, if you want to change or order a strap, then you need to start from the value of 18 mm. At the same time, the quality of the strap itself is very good and I liked the way the watch sat on my wrist.

Ok, the last thing I have to talk about in this section is size and weight. So the dimensions of the Kiwitime M1 watch were 52 x 37 x 14 mm, and the device weighs about 55 grams with a strap. Indeed, the watch is quite heavy, but I practically did not feel any extra weight on my wrist.

Functions, control and configuration of application

The main screen of the Kiwitime M1 smartwatch has a completely similar wallpaper as the smartwatch model from the Xiaomi brand. There are only three different dials installed out of the box. To change the dial, you just need to hold your finger for a few seconds on the home screen. But through the mobile application it is possible to install more different types of dials.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

Perhaps this main watch face is not so informative. But on the other hand, this is a minimalistic design that does not clutter up with unnecessary information. Here you can only find out the time, day of the week and date.

If you swipe down from the home screen, you will get to the quick settings section. Here you can find icons such as wireless connection, device information, battery level. And also set the alarm clock, QR code for the mobile application and menu style settings.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

That is, the last icon will allow you to choose two options for displaying all applications. This is a 3 x 3 square grid of three pages or a smart style and then the appearance of the icons will be arranged in a chaotic manner, like the Apple Watch.

If you swipe left or right, we will see the main menu with all the applications and let’s go through each function in more detail. The first feature is contacts, then dialing, call history, messages, notifications, steps, sports modes and much more.

The Kiwitime M1 smartwatch has a lot of interesting features. Let me go over the sporting opportunities. The device only got 8 different sport modes. Also, there is no built-in GPS module on board the watch. Therefore, I did not see a strong big sense from sports training modes.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

But as for the apps that monitor the health level, I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of features. Since the watch has a function of tracking heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and even determining body temperature.

Of course, I am glad that the watch has received a large number of useful features for the health of your body. But I will remind you once again that a smartwatch is not a medical device and you should not trust the indicators. For example, I compared some values, although the error in the results was, but insignificant.

Now I want to share with you my impressions of the usability of the user interface. The watch was equipped with an ultra-budget MTK2502D processor, but as my practice showed, its performance was not enough. Since flipping or going to any section was long. Although this is not surprising, because expecting a smooth user interface is strange from a budget watch from a Chinese brand.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the settings of the mobile application. The application itself was named M Active and it is available on both Android and iOS devices. The connection itself is very simple and at this stage I had no problems.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

The main menu of the application displays information about steps, distance, calories, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, sports time and many other values. As I said in the settings, it is possible to install additional types of watch faces and there are a large number of them here. Or you can also choose your own picture for the smartwatch home screen.

As for the Bluetooth connection, I did not find any special problems and the Bluetooth calls function works well. At the same time, I clearly heard my interlocutors through the built-in speaker, just like they did me.

Battery and run time

Inside the case of the Kiwitime M1 smartwatch, the manufacturer has installed a good battery capacity of 310 mAh. It showed on the positive side in terms of battery life.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

For example, during my test, the watch ran for about 4 days. But I fully used them to test all the functions and features. Also, I could often answer phone calls over the watch.

At the same time, it took me up to 2 hours to fully charge through the two-pin magnetic cable.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

The Chinese company Kiwitime has once again proved that it is not necessary to buy an expensive smartwatch with a lot of features.

Kiwitime M1 Review: Best Copy Design Xiaomi Mi Watch For $30

In his example with the Kiwitime M1, the manufacturer made a very positive impression on me. For a low cost of products, you get a full-fledged smartwatch with Bluetooth calls and high-quality assembly and materials used.

Yes, they may not be perfect in terms of the user interface, but they have many useful features. Even some expensive smartwatch over $100 models can envy the number of features and functionality.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, the price of the Kiwitime M1 smartwatch really impressed and surprised me, as you can buy it for only $32.69 with a 40% discount.

This is a very decent watch with a good and high-quality screen, high-quality assembly, aluminum casing and, most importantly, the presence of Bluetooth calls.


Competitor and Alternative

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