IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

IMILAB has presented an updated version of a new smartwatch called IMILAB W12.

Earlier, I already tested products from IMILAB and, oddly enough, there was also a smartwatch, only with the name KW66. If you are interested in learning about this watch model, then you can read my full review at this link here.

In this review, I will share my impressions of using the new smartwatch model after 10 days of testing. That is, I will talk about the main features, functions, check the device for build quality and much more.

As for the cost, at the time of this writing, the price tag for the IMILAB W12 was a little more than $55. This is not the most budget watch I have been able to test. Therefore, whether the device meets this cost, let’s take a look at the watch at the main technical specifications.


For example, on the face of the watch is a large round 1.32 inch TFT screen. Also, the manufacturer guarantees protection against water under the IP68 standard. At the same time, the built-in battery had a capacity of 330 mAh and the overall battery life promises to be very good.

Therefore, if you are interested in a new model of smartwatches from the IMILAB brand, then I suggest starting your full and in-depth inspection with unpacking and appearance.

IMILAB W12: Specifications

IMILAB W12:Specs
Screen:1.32 inch TFT screen with 360 x 360 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:IP68
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery:330 mAh
Standby time:up to 14 days
Size:46 x 46 x 11 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The appearance of the packaging of the new generation of smartwatches IMILAB W12 remained unchanged compared to the previous version of the KW66 device. It is a small white box with a picture of the watch and the name of the model and brand on the front. There is also one of the main features of the screen size and resolution.

Inside the package itself, I found this, directly, a smart watch with a protective film on the screen. Also included was a brief instruction manual with a two-pin magnetic charging cable. In general, the equipment was very typical and standard, as for most inexpensive wearable smartwatches.

So now let’s take the watch in hand and talk about the build quality and the materials used in a little more detail.

Design, build quality and materials

The new generation of smartwatches IMILAB W12 received only one color of the device case. As you can see from the picture, the watch was made in black. Also, my version of the device was completely black, both the watch case itself and the silicone strap itself. But you can order your choice of a blue or red strap additionally. In this case, the watch case will have the same black color as the version with a black strap.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

In terms of workmanship, the W12 uses a zinc alloy on the model. But the back of the watch was already made of matte, but rather durable plastic. During my testing, I had no particular complaints about the build quality. All materials were well fitted and assembled. In addition, the device has received full protection from water under the IP68 standard. This means that you can swim with the watch in the pool or in the shower without any problems.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

On the front of the IMILAB W12 device, a large round 1.32 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels was installed. I had no problems with the image quality, the colors were very realistic and vivid. In addition, the maximum brightness level was sufficient for outdoor use. In the screen settings, you can set four modes of brightness levels, but there is no automatic brightness function here.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

If you look at the right end of the watch, there are two mechanical buttons. The upper one performs the function of turning on or running backward, and the lower one activates the quick function of sports modes. It is worth saying that the responsiveness of the buttons was very good and the smoothness of the work was at a high level.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

Naturally, the back of the IMILAB W12 uses a PPG heart rate sensor and has a two-pin connection to charge the watch with a magnetic connection. Also from the same side, you can see that the watch strap is removable and let’s talk about it in more detail.

The manufacturer IMILAB provides several color options for the strap, as I said earlier. It can be black, blue and red. The strap itself was made of a pleasant silicone material, but there is no leather or leatherette strap. This is no reason to be discouraged though, as the detachable connection is standard. Therefore, you can buy any other strap depending on the material of manufacture and width at your local watch store.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

The dimensions of the case of the IMILAB W12 smart watch were 46 x 46 x 11 mm, and the device weighs about 54 grams. In terms of wearing, I have no particular complaints about the new watch model from the IMILAB brand. But I also cannot call it sports completely. While you can still run or do athletics, doing the bench press will give you a little discomfort. The same applies to sleep, sleeping with the W12 watch will not be very comfortable due to its rather large dimensions.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

But in any case, the new model of IMILAB W12 watches received a very good design with minimalistic notes, but with a brutal shade. It was a pleasure to use this watch model on a regular basis and in everyday use. Ok, now let’s get to know the functional features of the smartwatch and talk about the mobile app.

Functions, control and application

The first time I turned on the IMILAB W12 smartwatch was not accompanied by the settings with the connection of the mobile application, as is usually the case on modern devices. Here you just turn on the smartwatch and you can use all the useful functions that are available on the device. I think this is good news, as not all people will be able to set up and install the application when they first meet.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

The main dial offers a lot of useful information. For example, it not only displays the time and date, but also the steps taken, distance, and even calories. In addition, you can easily change the design of the dial by holding your finger for a few seconds on the watch screen. There are five different watch faces available, but to install more, you need to connect the mobile app.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

Let’s talk about the application a little later, but now let’s talk about the main control functions. When you swipe down from the home screen, you can see a pop-up curtain, just like on smartphones. The following icons are displayed here – this is the brightness level setting, general watch settings, find a smartphone and silent mode. In the same section, you can also find information about the day of the week, date, and battery level.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

If you swipe in the opposite direction, that is, up from the main screen, then you can see the latest notifications here. These can be missed calls, messages, or social media notifications. The number of displayed characters is only 70. Therefore, it is impossible to read the full message in any way, as well as to answer them in hours.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

Another device IMILAB W12 received a good list of widgets, which are located to the right of the main screen. This is activity throughout the day, that is, steps taken, distance and calories. Next comes the heart rate widget, blood oxygen level SpO2, weather, sleep, and a music player. Note that in order to display the weather widget, you need to connect the device to the mobile application. After that, the weather information will be pulled up on the smartwatch.

Okay, this last main menu has a lot of useful functions and I already told you about some of them. Here I found this activity, current state, pulse, blood oxygen level SpO2, weather, music player, notifications, and also settings. The tab also has features such as stopwatch, timer, and alarm. As for the main settings, there are sections such as adjusting the brightness level of the screen, choosing a dial, resetting the settings and turning off.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

Now I propose to talk about sports modes, the new model of IMILAB W12 smartwatches has 13 different sports modes. This includes running, walking, climbing, swimming and many others. But from the shortcomings I can single out the moment that with an active sports mode, you will not be able to control the music player.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

Ok, now let’s install a mobile application called GloryFit and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. I have repeatedly come across this application and the application itself has not received any special changes in the new smartwatch model.

For example, the main menu displays information on steps taken, distance, sleep, heart rate and even SpO2. Also, through the application, you can install individual watch faces, and their choice is very extensive here. It is also possible to install a dial with your own picture or photograph.

Battery and run time

Inside the case of the IMILAB W12 smartwatch, a 330 mAh battery was installed. But the manufacturer does not say about the time of active use of the device, but only writes the time in standby mode – 30 days.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

I don’t really need this information and it is useful. Therefore, I can say with confidence that after 10 days of active use, the watch still worked for me. This is a good result for an inexpensive device. That is, the working time was about 2 weeks and this is a very good indicator.

But a full charge through the magnetic two-pin connection took me about 2 hours of time.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

The IMILAB W12 is not exactly a unique smartwatch that I have been able to test. But even after 10 days of daily active use, the device did not cause negative emotions in me.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

For example, from the positive points I can single out this high-quality assembly and good materials used in the manufacture. Also, the watch received a stylish and, on the other hand, minimalistic appearance. This watch model from IMILAB is suitable for everyday use.

Apart from that, I liked the work of the user interface. Since all functions opened quickly and without much delay. So, the flipping of various features itself was smooth and without delays. The device also stands out for its good battery life and a bright high-resolution screen.

IMILAB W12 Review: What is New Generation of Smartwatches Capable of?

But there are also disadvantages, and to them I can attribute this lack of modern features. Such as making phone calls via a Bluetooth connection, I also did not find a function for tracking the level of blood pressure here. In addition, during sports modes, the watch cannot control music, which is also a significant disadvantage.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, regardless of the color of the strap of the IMILAB W12 smartwatch, you can choose an additional strap from the manufacturer as a gift. The price at the time of this writing was $54.99 with a 45% discount.

Naturally, you can find a more budget smartwatch model with more features. But the IMILAB company offers high quality and for this quality you have to pay money.


Competitors and Alternative

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