Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

After successfully testing Haylou GT6 wireless earbuds, a slightly different model called Haylou W1 came to my review.

If we compare both models of earbuds GT6 and W1, then these will be completely different devices in their class. Since today’s hero of mine, the earbuds were made like in-ear earbuds with silicone ear tips.

As you may know, almost all Haylou products are budgetary and therefore the new generation Haylou W1 is no exception. That is, at present, the price tag for earbuds will not exceed $34.


I think this is not a big price to pay for this headphone model, since the filling impressed me a lot. For example, inside each earbud is used a QCC 3040 chipset with support for the aptX codec. The earbuds also use a hybrid sound system, since they received two drivers – one dynamic and the second armature driver.

Bluetooth 5.2 version is responsible for the wireless connection. In addition, the device has received protection from water under the IPX4 standard. You can also highlight a good battery life with the game mode function.

Thus, I can not wait to start my inspection of the next hybrid TWS earbuds from the Haylou brand to find out its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I will begin my in-depth and detailed review with the appearance of the packaging and its components.

Haylou W1: Specifications

Haylou W1:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:10 mm driver + armature driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX, AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

The packaging design of the new Haylou W1 earbuds very much reminds me of the style of previous versions of the devices. This is a small rectangular box, where on the front, there is a drawing of the device with the model name and the designation of premium sound.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

Inside the package, I discovered that these are, directly, the wireless earbuds themselves with a charging box. In addition, the package includes a Type-C charging cable, several pairs of silicone ear tips and instructions for use.

As you can see, the package is not very rich. But it has everything you need to fully use the earbuds in real life. Therefore, I propose to start my further inspection of the W1 model with the appearance and build quality.

Design, workmanship and materials

I really liked that the Haylou brand is starting to get rid of the typical black color in its products. Since the new version of Haylou W1 earbuds received an interesting combination of dark blue. In addition, the device is also supplied in white, but at the time of this writing, I did not see this color on sale.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

However, I liked the good build of the earbuds. They were made of good plastic. But there is a small nuance here, since the leg itself was made of glossy plastic, but the sound guide was made of matte plastic.

As you may know, glossy plastic is not a priority for me in any of its performances. Therefore, I would rather see a completely matte plastic case here instead of a glossy material.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

As for the convenience of landing, do not forget that these are not earbuds, but in-ear vacuum earbuds. This means that you will hardly be able to wear the earbuds for long periods of time. After 2 hours my ears needed a little break.

In addition, this model of wireless earbuds will be difficult to use for sports purposes. Yes, if you plan to work out only in the gym, then you may not have problems with wearing. But when running in a stadium, Haylou W1 will not be the best choice. Although it has protection against sweat and splash under the IPX4 standard.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

The outer part of the W1 earbud housing has received the Haylou brand designation. There is also a touch control and an LED indicator. A microphone was installed at the bottom of the leg, and a two-pin connection for charging is used from the inside.

Okay, now let’s talk about the charging box. Here I liked his performance more. Since the box was already made of matte plastic, not glossy material. Therefore, the Haylou W1 case had no problems with durability.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

On the outside of the lid, you can see the name of the Haylou company. And on its front part, there are four indicators that notify the level of the remaining battery charge. Meanwhile, there is a Type-C charging connection on the back of the case.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

If we talk about the build quality, then the lid opened without a strong backlash. In general, the quality of performance was very good. In addition, you can easily put the charging box in your jeans pocket, since its dimensions and weight were not very large. For example, the dimensions of the box are 64.5 x 45 x 32 mm, and the box weighs 32.5 grams without earbuds, and 42 grams with earbuds.

Connection, latency and touch control

Of the positive aspects of the new Haylou W1 earbud model, I can single out the following factors. This is the latest generation of Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity with support for aptX Adaptive, AAC and SBC audio codecs. In my practice, the device has really shown itself to be excellent. Since I did not have severe problems with the quality of communication and signal.

In addition, I liked the presence of a proprietary application from Haylou. For example, using a mobile device from the Xiaomi brand with MIUI 12 or higher, you will be able to see a pop-up window with information on the residual charge level, both for the earbuds and in the case.

In the meantime, through the mobile application, you can control gesture functions, adjust the equalizer and do many other useful things.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

It should be said here that I did not find the so-called game mode on board the W1 device. But I didn’t have any major problems with latency. That is, while watching videos on YouTube, there was no delay at all. And in games, although there was a delay, it did not interfere with my gameplay at all and it was comfortable for me to play.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

As for the touch control, everything is classic here, like other versions of wireless earbuds from Haylou.

  • One touch plays, stops the track, and you can accept or reject a phone call.
  • Double tap is able to switch tracks forward or backward, depending on the earbud channel.
  • A triple tap on any of the earbuds calls up the voice assistant function.

In addition, you can set the volume control function via the mobile application. But then you will lose the function of stopping or playing music.

Sound and microphone quality

Ok, now let’s tell you my emotions from the sound quality in Haylou W1 earbuds. In fact, I did not even imagine that inexpensive TWS earbuds would be able to play so bright and richly.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

But do not forget that the W1 headphone model was built using hybrid technology. That is, there is one dynamic driver inside its body, which serves for low frequencies. And there is also one reinforcing emitter, which was created for medium and high frequencies.

As my practice has shown, I really liked the sound, both at low frequencies and at medium or high frequencies. At the same time, the earbuds received pretty good bass, which sounded in moderation. But the mid and high frequencies had good detail and a bright scene. That is, the vocalist’s voice played very dynamically, and each musical instrument stood out well from the music scene.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

Well, if the sound of the new Haylou W1 is not so bad, then let’s now check the quality of the microphones. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t have any special problems with microphones either. Because in a quiet and noisy place, the interlocutors heard me clearly.

Battery and run time

Considering the fact that the device uses the latest version of Bluetooth 5.2 with efficient energy saving, you should not expect a bad result of battery life.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

For example, in each earbud, the manufacturer Haylou has installed a 32 mAh battery capacity. At the same time, the charging box received a battery capacity of 310 mAh. During my test, the earbuds were able to work for a full 4.5 hours at maximum volume. But the total battery life was about 20 hours using the charging case.

If we talk about charging, then the box itself is able to charge in 1.5 hours through the Type-C connection, and the earbuds in 55 minutes.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

The first thing I liked about the Haylou W1 earbuds was, of course, their sound.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

These are very bright earbuds that have rich and dynamic sound. Do not forget that this earbud model was built using hybrid technology and has two drivers in its execution.

In addition to the high-quality sound, I also liked the earbuds in other ways. For example, the device has a good build and a fairly comfortable fit for in-ear earbuds.

Haylou W1 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with QCC 3040

I can also highlight the presence of the latest generation of wireless Bluetooth 5.2 version. The earbuds also got a good minimum latency and good battery life.

On the downside, I can mention the presence of glossy plastic on the legs of the headphones themselves. I also didn’t like the limited touch controls.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Once again, Haylou proves to us what it is capable of in real life. After fully testing the new W1 earbud model, I was impressed and can easily recommend this model for purchase.

If we talk about the cost, then at present the price tag for Haylou W1 is quite humane at only $37.52 with a 17% discount.


Alternative and competitors

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