Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

For over a week now, I’ve been testing a new compact, this is a low-cost projector called the Everycom R10. In this article, I will tell you about its main features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Everycom is my first acquaintance, but I suppose that my acquaintance will go well.

Now a little about the price, you will definitely like it, because the projector belongs to the budget category. The starting price for an Everycom R10 projector is only about $120. But during the 11.11 promotion, you can buy a projector even cheaper. And if you also use cashback, the price tag will be very attractive.


Everycom has decided to release one of the many compact projectors that will be native 720p. In addition, the device has built-in Bluetooth 5.0, so the projector can be used as a speaker.

In addition, I can note a good brightness of 4000 lumens, a projection screen with sizes from 30 to 120 inches, a large number of external ports, and much more.

So let’s check what an inexpensive projector is capable of in practice. But first of all, I will talk about the appearance and what components are included in the package.

Everycom R10: Specifications

Everycom R10:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:1.6:1
Native resolution:1280 by 720 Pixels
Brightness:4000 lumens
Projection screen size:30-120 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Dual 3W
Lamp Life:30.000 Hours
Size:161 x 127 x 196 mm
Weight:1650 grams

Unboxing and packaging

The Everycom R10 projector is delivered in a small box, which is made of ordinary cardboard. On the front of the box, I found a sketch of the projector and the HD home cinema designation.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

Inside the box, I found a well-packed styrofoam projector. And also the following components were in a separate box. These include instructions, an HDMI cable, a tulip cable, a power cable, a carrying strap, and two screws.

I really liked the equipment, it is really good and it has everything you need for a full movie viewing. A carrying case and a tripod are optional, though. Now I think we can talk about assembly and basic materials in manufacturing.

Design, build quality and materials

As I said, the main feature of the Everycom R10 projector is its compact size. The dimensions of the device are 161 x 127 x 196 mm, and the weight does not exceed 1.65 kg.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

The projector is based on a plastic case, but the plastic itself is quite durable and does not cause disgust. The manufacturer uses three colors in its combination – this is the main white, gray on the front, and black plastic on the back. Of course, it looks a little strange and I would like the device to be made in one plastic color.

As for the build quality, it is here at a very good level. That is, the proctor is assembled with high quality and has good and accurate clearances. All elements are firmly connected and no extraneous noise is heard.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

On the front of the Everycom R10 projector, I found the LED lens itself, an infrared sensor for the remote control, and a wheel for adjusting the image tilt correction.

The main control buttons are located on top of the case. They are exactly the same as on the remote control. Here I found buttons like back, forward, up, down, okay, home, and sources. Next to the mechanical buttons, another wheel was installed that adjusts the focus of the projection.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

But the location of the power button can be a big inconvenience. Since on the Everycom R10 projector, it is located on the back of the device. Sometimes it is not convenient to press it, but I mainly used the remote control.

In addition, all external interfaces are located on the back of the projector. These include an audio output, a headphone input, an HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one additional HDMI port. The last port is positioned to mount the projector tightly against a wall. This can be done easily as there are no cooling vents on this surface.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

At the bottom of Everycom R10 there is a 6mm tripod hole. There are also four anti-slip feet here.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

On the side ends of the case, one speaker with a power of 3 W is located and there are holes from which hot air comes out. I’ll talk about the sound quality a little later.

A few words from the remote control. It has the typical design of most budget projectors with a minimum of buttons. But there is a very interesting button here that activates the Bluetooth connection in the remote control. This is a pretty handy feature that is often lacking in most inexpensive projectors.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

Well, I figured out the appearance, but now I propose to talk about the main features and how the projector displays the picture in practice.

Features, image quality, and noise

I set the projector at a distance of 3.1 meters and the screen size was about 90 inches. This is a small problem since I have a small room and it will be problematic to get a large projection screen.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

Now a little about noise, projector noise depends on the screen brightness. Using the minimum brightness, the noise from the projector was about 35 dB at a distance of one meter. You can’t hear it at all and it’s the quietest projector I’ve ever tested. But if you set the brightness to maximum, the noise rises to 40 dB.

Let’s go through the settings. The first menu is to adjust the image of the projection screen. Here you can choose the operating modes – standard, cinema, and office. Also here I can adjust brightness, contrast, color rendition, and other features. I can also mention such settings as aspect ratio, picture flip, zoom, sound settings, language selection, and others.

Naturally, this is a budget compact projector that does not have an operating system. But I could easily connect an external source like a TV box or game console.

As I already mentioned, the native resolution in the new Everycom R10 projector is HD or 720p, which is 1280 x 720 pixels. Of course, this is not Full HD resolution, but as for a compact home projector, it will be enough.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

As for the readability of the text, everything is also not as bad here as, for example, with projectors with a native resolution of 480p. Yes, if you come closer to the screen, the text becomes a little blurry, but if you read it at a distance of 3.5 meters, then I did not observe any problems with clarity.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

Other than that, I was a little surprised at the focusing quality. On the entire canvas of the projection screen, the focus was set correctly and I did not notice any blurring. In most cases, in budget projectors, it has a small drawback – this is focusing, but I did not observe any problems with Everycom R10. This is very good for an inexpensive projector considering its price.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

The brightness of the projector is also quite sufficient, but I note that it will be problematic to watch in the daytime. The contrast will not be as high and the details will be pale. Therefore, it is better to watch movies in the dark. But if you plan to take a projector for presentations, then with a black and white presentation, the text will be read well during the daytime.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

I also ran 60fps tests when watching videos on Youtube. The result was positive, as you can see the hands of the clock showed each division and the frame did not jump one division.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

So even this inexpensive projector is good for gaming. I connected my game console and could play on the big screen for a long time and enjoy the high-quality picture.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Everycom R10 is a high-quality but at other times inexpensive projector, which pleasantly surprised me during my testing.

Everycom R10 Review: Compact Projector at a Low Price

On the positive side, I can attribute it to good color reproduction, good focus on the entire surface of the projection screen. Most importantly, very low noise when viewing at night with 50% brightness.

It is indeed the quietest projector I have ever tested. In addition, I liked the clarity and detail.

On the negative side, I can attribute – this is not the highest value of brightness and contrast. But given its initial cost, I cannot point out – these shortcomings are very critical.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

If you are interested in a compact small projector, like me, then you can buy Everycom R10 at a low price – $122.40. But during the 11.11 promotion, the price will be even lower – $109.38.

This is a good and not a bad projector that will give you the feel of a real cinema in your home or apartment.


Alternative and competitors

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