Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Edifier spends a lot of time developing wireless earbuds, releasing more and more different models of TWS devices. Today I have a review of the next earbuds, which are called Edifier TWS330NB.

In this article, I will try to reveal all the cards so that you can understand whether this earbud model is worth your attention or not. Also during this review, you can find out the main disadvantages and advantages that I was able to find.

Recently, I was able to test very cool earbuds such as SoundPEATS T2 and Tronsmart Apollo Air. Therefore, it will be really difficult for the manufacturer Edifier to compete with its main competitors.

In terms of cost, the current price tag for the Edifier TWS330NB is $ 55. Models from SoundPEATS and Tronsmart have almost the same cost. Thus, the pricing policy of Edifier earbuds lies in the mid-budget segment.


If you look at the technical components, the TWS TWS330NB earbuds received a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. In addition, the earbuds have ANC support for active noise canceling and transparency mode.

I can also highlight that the battery life of the earbuds on a full charge will be 5 hours with fast charging. Also, the device is protected against dust and water under the IP54 standard. Of these brief features, the earbuds don’t really stand out when compared to their competitors. It lacks the very latest generation of Bluetooth connectivity, and the battery life is not very impressive.

But I am not upset and propose to start my full and detailed analysis of the earbuds from Edifier to find out if they are so good in real life.

Edifier TWS330NB: Specifications

Edifier TWS330NB:Specs
Impedance:28 ohms
Driver unit:10 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

Edifier TWS330NB earbuds came to my review in a small white package. Where on the front of the box is the drawing of the charging case with earbuds. Also on the side ends, you can find the main features of the earbuds, which are shown in the icons. In the meantime, there was a list with technical specs on the back.

Quite frankly, the packaging itself certainly didn’t look like its money. Since the box was made of the thinnest cardboard, and the equipment was packed, as in ultra-budget earbuds in the price segment up to $20.

Inside the package, I found a charging box with earbuds inside with a protective cellophane film. Also included is a short Type-C charging cable, a set of silicone ear tips with instructions in various languages.

If the packaging itself looked very budgetary, then the quality of the components was at a pretty good level. Therefore, I propose to talk about the build quality and materials used for the new TWS330NB earbud model.

Design, build quality and materials

My version of Edifier TWS330NB earbuds was made in black, but you can also order the device in white. But the glossy plastic used does not inspire confidence in me at all.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

For example, after my little experience of use, which did not exceed 4 days, traces of use could be seen on the earbud case. These are not scratches, but just slight abrasions. I think that after six months, the earbuds will definitely not look fresh. Therefore, my choice always remains with the matte finish.

As for the build quality, I cannot single out any special complaints. Since the earbud case had no extraneous squeaks and sounds. That is, the earbuds were made well, and in general, they correspond to their class of devices from the Edifier brand. In addition, I can note the presence of protection against dust and splashes under the IP54 standard.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

This means that you can use the TWS330NB earbuds not only during good weather but also in rain or snow. But if you choose earbuds for sports purposes, then I will not advise you on this model. Since it was created for everyday use. Although I went to the gym with earbuds a couple of times and I was quite comfortable with them. But running in the stadium will definitely not be an option.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Naturally, the earbuds received touch control on the front of the case. There is also an LED indicator for operation. But on the bottom of the leg, I found a hole for a microphone with two contacts for charging.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Well, if you look at the charging box itself, where the earbuds will be stored and charged, then it also received a small size and weight. So, I didn’t have much trouble transporting it in my jeans pocket. But the main disadvantage for me was the glossy case again.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

At the same time, the build quality was done in a very good way. That is, the lid opened without any special remarks and did not have a strong backlash.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

On the front, there is one LED indicator that indicates the remaining charge level. But at the bottom of the case, a Type-C connector was installed for charging. But wireless charging was not provided on the box case. Now let’s talk about signal quality and its features.

Connection, latency, and touch control

I have already said that the Edifier TWS330NB TWS earbuds use a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. It is not the latest in its class, and as I said, there are competitors whose wireless connection has received versions 5.1 and 5.2.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

But despite this fact, I did not have any particular problems with the signal transmission quality. It is also worth mentioning that the earbuds work with support for AAC and SBC audio codecs. In general, I did not have any problems with pairing, and this is already pleasing.

Edifier has developed a mobile application for the TWS330NB earbud model, which is called Edifier connect. The application itself can be installed through Android or iPhone stores for free.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

The main application menu displays useful information. For example, here you can monitor the remaining battery level of both the earbuds and the charging box. Slightly below the icons are located and with their help, you can switch modes from active noise reduction to transparency mode.

In the settings, I found features such as user guide, volume control of voice prompts, changes to touch controls, touch sensitivity, firmware update, and factory reset. In general, the application looks attractive and has good functionality.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Now let’s talk about the latency level. During my testing, I did not find a strong delay when watching videos on Youtube. Also in games, it was comfortable for me to play, but I cannot call the earbuds a gaming one. Yes, perhaps the delay is not the worst, but the earbuds still need to grow to the gaming quality.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Okay, now I propose to find out the basic functions of touch controls.

  • Double tapping on the right channel produces the play, pauses of the music track. Also, with the same function, you can accept or reject phone calls.
  • Double-tapping the left channel toggles between Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Normal Mode.
  • Triple tapping on the right switches the track forward, and on the left turns on the game mode.

As I mentioned through the Edifier connect mobile app, you will be able to control some of the touch control functions. But changing functions is only possible with a double or triple tap.

Sound and microphone quality, ANC modes

Unfortunately, I was unable to find information on the exact size of the driver inside the Edifier TWS330NB earbud case. But I guess this is the most standard 10mm dynamic driver.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

The volume of the volume reserve was enough for me to even in noisy places of my city or public transport. Low frequencies do not really exist in earbuds, since the bass, although there is, is not so dynamic and warm. And to be more precise, the bass is not as deep and multi-layered as, for example, in the main competitors from the SoundPEATS or Tronsmart brands.

The manufacturer Edifier put more emphasis on mids and highs. Musical instruments play very expressively and brightly, just like the vocalist’s voice. I want to note that the vocals play several tones louder and the musical accompaniment does not interrupt, directly, the vocalist’s voice itself.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Overall, I liked the sound of the new earbud model from Edifier. At the same time, the sound quality is very similar to models such as the Realme Buds Air 2 or Buds Air 2 Neo and even the older brother Edifier TWSNB2. But if we compare the sound with the SoundPEATS T2 and Tronsmart Apollo Air earbuds, which I was able to test recently, the sound quality of the TWS330NB model will be an order of magnitude lower.

If we talk about the work of active noise cancellation, then on the new model of earbuds from Edifier, the ANC function works pretty well. For example, I was able to test its work in various places, such as street noise, traffic noise, and others. Indeed, the surrounding sounds were practically inaudible, but the slamming of the door, the conversation of people are not doing a very good job with the task. In comparison, even the budget-minded rival Realme Buds Air 2 Neo has better ANC performance.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

As for the transparency regime, I did not reveal any special comments on its work. Ambient sounds were clearly audible, and I could easily talk to people with the music on.

It’s time to talk about the quality of the microphone that was installed in the Edifier TWS330NB model. Here I did not reveal any strong claims, since my voice sounded quite loud and clear. But in noisy places, the surrounding sounds were well blocked and the interlocutors heard me very well.

Battery and run time

I have not found the exact battery capacity in the Edifier TWS330NB earbuds. But according to my preferences, I think the capacity was 45 mAh in the headphones, and in this case – about 350 mAh.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

During my measurements, the battery life with ANC enabled was about 3.5 hours. And with the active noise canceling function turned off, about 5 hours. At the same time, the total battery life using the charging box was within 20 hours. Yes, the runtime is not very impressive, but for everyday tasks, you will have enough.

In addition, the manufacturer promises fast charging, which can provide up to 1 hour of music playback in 10 minutes. But a full charge of the earbuds will take you 1 hour, and the charging box will take about 1.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

If I had not been able to test earbuds such as SoundPEATS T2 and Tronsmart Apollo Air, then I would say that Edifier TWS330NB earbuds are very good. But compared to the above TWS earbud models, I cannot do this.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

Yes, these are good wireless earbuds from Edifier that I was able to test. But to call the model TWS330NB the best in its class I will not turn my tongue.

On the positive side, I can single it out – it’s a good wireless connection with minimal latency. Adequate touch control performance. I also liked the sound of the mids and highs and how the transparency mode works.

Edifier TWS330NB Review: New Budget Earbuds with ANC function

But there are also drawbacks, and I can attribute to them – this is a glossy soiled case, not a high battery life, there is no volume control function and the ANC function is not quite ideal.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

At the time of this writing, the price tag for Edifier TWS330NB was $54.99 with a 30% discount. This is not the highest cost, but I can only recommend this model to true fans of the Edifier brand.

For the same cost, I would prefer to purchase earbuds from the SoundPEATS and Tronsmart brands. I will leave links to both models and other competitors below.


Alternative and competitors

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