BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

About one year has passed since the release of the legendary ultrabook from the BMAX brand. But the Chinese company decided to update its laptop model and introduced a version with a Pro prefix, which is BMAX Y13 Pro.

Unfortunately, I have not tested the first generation of the Y13 ultrabook line. But after reading reviews and watching videos, I found out that the device had good potential?

Currently, you can buy an improved version of the BMAX Y13 Pro ultrabook with a price tag of $500. But the last generation without the Pro prefix will cost about $390.


Now I propose to figure out at what points the manufacturer made improvements and whether they will be for the better or not. First, let’s go over the technicalities. The main difference between the two generations is the heart of the device, its processor. The updated ultrabook uses the new Intel Core m5-6Y54 chipset, and the device also received 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal SSD memory.

I can also highlight features such as a 360-degree swivel screen, a 13.3-inch full HD touchscreen display. Lightweight and many useful ports.

Thus, the main difference between BMAX Y13 Pro and BMAX Y13 was the presence of a new processor. But the appearance and features remained the same. Therefore, I propose to figure out how to use an ultrabook to cope with my daily tasks. And also in this review, you will find out the benchmark results and battery life. So let’s start our in-depth test with unboxing and see what the manufacturer has put inside the box.

BMAX Y13 Pro: Specifications

BMAX Y13 Pro:Specs
Display:13.3 inches IPS TouchScreen with 1920 x 1080 pixels
CPU:Intel Core m5-6Y54
GPU:Intel UHD Graphics 515
Internal memory:256GB SSD
Memory extension:up to 2TB
Connectivity:Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band and Bluetooth 4.2
OS:Windows 10
Connections:2xType-C, 3.5mm audio Jack, slot MicroSD card
Dimensions:307.5 x 208 x 14.7 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The BMAX Y13 Pro ultrabook comes in a similar box as the previous generation. This is a white box with a picture of the device and its model and company name on the front.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

Inside the box, I found – this is the laptop itself, the power adapter, and instructions for use.

As we can see, the bundle is not very wide and of course, I would like to get a protective carrying case. Therefore, I propose to immediately purchase one, since the ultrabook is created for frequent transportation and a protective bag will clearly not be superfluous.

Design, build quality and materials

As I said, the design of the two generations remained the same, as did the build quality and materials used. But since I have not tested the first generation ultrabook, I propose to go through the main features in appearance.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

On the front of the laptop, BMAX Y13 Pro is the company logo. To be honest, he strongly reminds me of some kind of transformer. The logo itself is not highlighted, but in bright sunny weather, it just shimmers.

Now about the materials used, the entire body is made of pretty strong plastic. Of course, I would like to see metal here, but alas it is not here. Although the top of the screen lid is well assembled and does not play when pressed with a finger, which is good.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

In addition, the weight of the laptop is very small – about 1.25 kg and the dimensions are 307.5 x 208 x 14.7 mm. Thus, it is an ideal assistant for frequent transportation to school or work. It will not deliver special efforts and difficulties, even to female sex.

But due to its low weight, BMAX Y13 Pro did not pass the test for opening the lid with one hand. Well, it’s no surprise that budget Ultrabooks can pass this test.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

Despite this, the device received one very interesting feature – a 360-degree swivel screen. That is – this is the Yoga style of the laptop, which can often be found in modern ultrabook models. You can use many different positions to comfortably use the BMAX Y13 Pro. For example, it is in the format of a regular laptop, tablet, tent for watching videos, and other positions.

After opening the lid, I was greeted by an interesting 13.3-inch screen with a minimum bezel of about 5 mm. Also on top of the screen is a front camera for video calls and conferences with a 1-megapixel resolution.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

Now a little about the quality of the screen, since it plays an important role for both entertainment and work. If the screen is not of a high-quality matrix, your eyes will get tired even after 2 hours of work. But with BMAX Y13 Pro, everything is fine, as the manufacturer uses a pretty good matrix.

It is an IPS touch screen with Full HD resolution or 1080 x 1920 pixels. The aspect ratio was 16: 9, with sRGB at 95% and NTSC at 70%. That’s pretty good performance for a $500 laptop. The color scheme is very realistic and has the correct color shades. Also, the brightness level in the laptop is at a fairly high level and I did not find any problems with it.

Just above the keyboard, you can see holes for speakers, four speakers are used here. It was not surprising to me after checking the sound quality. Here I did not find strong bass, and the sound is flat, but the volume level is quite high.

A little about the keyboard, BMAX Y13 Pro has a responsive keyboard. At the same time, the keys have standard full-size and the distance between them is comfortable for accurate typing. Another plus is the backlight, so you can easily work at night with the lights off.

At the bottom is the touchpad with which it was convenient for me to work. It has a large working area and has a lot of support in gesture control.

There are many useful external ports on the ends. For example, on the right side, there is a power connector and a Type-C port, and on the left side, there is a power button, a slot for a memory card, another Type-C port, and a headphone jack. Yes, I would like to see USB ports here, but they are not, since they would make the ultrabook much thicker. But a modern USB-Hub helped me with this problem.

On the backside of BMAX Y13 Pro, there are four anti-slip rubber feet and you can also see a slot for SSD memory. I think I have told everything about the appearance and its features, now I propose to move on to the next section – this is the performance of the laptop.

Benchmark tests, performance, and OS

It is not difficult for me to check which processor is installed and what features it has. But the manufacturer BMAX decided to deceive us a little and it is mean on their part. For example, the Y13 Pro ultrabook received the Intel Core m5-6Y54 chipset, which was introduced back in 2015. That is, this processor is already 5 years old, where did BMAX find them? I think these are remnants of processors that nobody needs, but the BMAX brand thought to save a little and deceive users.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

Compared to the previous generation, the BMAX Y13 was equipped with Intel N4120, which was introduced in early 2020. This is a much more interesting processor, which is much better than the updated laptop.

Even if we compare the graphics accelerator, the new model uses Intel UHD Graphics 515, and the previous version uses Intel UHD Graphics 600. I think even from the name it is not necessary to explain to anyone that the 600 series will be better than the 515.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

It is possible to talk and discuss a lot about this, but let’s only speak facts. For example, below I will leave tests of various benchmarks of the new BMAX Y13 Pro. As I expected, the result is not the highest and it cannot be compared with the previous generation. Even BMAX Y13 scores better than the Pro version.

In terms of memory, both versions use 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal SSD storage. At the same time, the memory speed remained the same as on the BMAX Y13 model. This is about 500 Mb/s read speed and 440 Mb/s write speed.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

It was also a surprise for me – this is a wireless connection of the Bluetooth 4.2 version on an updated laptop. But the last generation Y13 had Bluetooth 5.0. The Wi-Fi version remains the same and both models use dual-band Wi-Fi.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

Now a little about the operating system, a standard system was installed on BMAX Y13 Pro, which runs under Windows 10. All functions and features remain the same, there are even gesture controls. I have no strong complaints about the operation of the OS, applications open quickly, and a large amount of RAM will allow you to open many applications at the same time.

Battery and run time

Unsurprisingly, both models use the same battery capacity – that’s 10,000mAh or 38Wh. At the same time, my practice showed about 4 hours of work with active use. Yes, if you don’t run benchmark tests or play games, then the runtime can be about 5-6 hours. This is a pretty good indicator for a modern ultrabook.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

At the same time, the charging time from 10 to 100% was set just over 3 hours. Not the fastest charging, but it would be also strange to expect it here.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

BMAX Y13 Pro is exactly the same ultrabook as BMAX Y13, only it has some changes in appearance and performance.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

For example, if the design remained intact, as well as the build quality and materials, then the color was changed to dark gray. Previously, it was light gray.

If we talk about its main features, it is a bright touch screen that can be rotated 360 degrees. There is a backlit keyboard, and most importantly, a compact, lightweight, and thin body.

BMAX Y13 Pro Review: Ultrabook That Got Worse and More Expensive!

But on the downside, I can attribute it to an outdated processor, which shows even worse results in benchmarks than the previous generation BMAX Y13. And also the updated Ultrabook has been overpriced than the previous generation.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, BMAX Y13 Pro can be purchased for $499.99, but the price for the previous generation BMAX Y13 was $389.99.

Therefore, I definitely cannot recommend the updated version of the ultrabook with the Pro prefix, as it has worse performance and an overpriced price tag. But, if you are interested in a compact and light laptop, then I advise you to consider the version of the previous generation BMAX Y13.


Alternative and competitors

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